This Reciprocating Saw Has Less Mess

Ridgid’s 18-volt octane reciprocating saw has a brushless motor, so you’re going to get more power and longer battery life.

If you own a reciprocating saw, you know how many projects you can use it for.

If you don’t own one and you’re in the market, take a look at Ridgid’s 18-volt Octane reciprocating saw model. It has a brushless motor, so you’re going to get more power with that motor and you’re going to get a longer life for your battery.

Another feature of this model is it has a dial that says orbital. When you’re using a reciprocating saw, you can either get short, straight cuts, which are perfect for, say, cutting steel.

But if I want orbital cuts, all I have to do is roll the dial around to the ‘on’ position and now my blade is going to strike in an orbital pattern that’s perfect for a soft surface like wood, PVC or plastic.

And, independent of the trigger, you have a light so it illuminates your work surface, and there’s actually a little blower in the saw. So, when you’re cutting, it’s going to get all the debris off the line so you’ll see it every time.

Watch the video above to learn more about this product, which is available at The Home Depot.


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