In this article, we’ll briefly touch upon the basic tools that every contractor should have in their toolbox, while also showcasing some new tools that are making work more efficient and exciting. 

    Carpentry and Framing Tools

    • Clamps (Miter, Spring, C-clamp, Handscrew Clamp)
    • Circular Saw
    • Reciprocating Saw
    • Nail Gun
    • Framing Square
    • Mason Level
    • Clawhammer
    • Ladder
    • Saw Horses

    Plumbing Tools

    • Pipe Wrenches
    • Pipe Cutters
    • Vice Grips
    • Channel Locks
    • Hacksaw
    • Laser Level
    • Nut Driver Set
    • Thread Sealants
    • Teflon Tape

    HVAC Tools (Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning)

    • Electrical Multimeter
    • Thread Sealants
    • Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall)
    • Tubing Cutter
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Refrigerant-Measuring Gauges
    • Schroeder Tool
    • Screwdriver Set

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    Electrical Tools

    • Lineman’s Pliers
    • Crimpers
    • No-touch Voltage Tester
    • Wire Strippers
    • Cordless Drill
    • Keyhole Saw
    • Fish Tape
    • Utility Knife

    Finishing Tools

    • Heat Gun
    • Paintbrushes (various types)
    • Paint Roller Kit
    • Sandpaper
    • Tarps
    • Spackle Knives
    • Ladders (single pole and extendible)
    • Paint Thinner
    • Wire Brushes
    • Rags

    Variety of Tape Measures

    It’s helpful to have a variety of construction measuring tools in your tool box. Here are a few:

    Hands-Free Socket Switching

    One of the biggest problems of using a power drill is the constant holstering and switching out heads for each new socket size. With Klein Tools’ new Impact sockets, you can save the headaches that come with dropped sockets and juggling different heads while holding hardware in place. The Impact sockets are able to switch between different size bolts and nuts with a simple handsfree motion, and are available in 3 models that cover 8 different head sizes.

    Simplified ceramic drilling

    If you’ve ever had to drill into tile, you know that it is really a three-hand operation:

    • holding the drill, 
    • spraying the water, 
    • and making sure that the water stays where it’s supposed to. 

    Luckily, Miyanaga has developed The Aqua Shot as the perfect solution to drilling through ceramic efficiently. Essentially, the Aqua Shot drill bit has a built-in tank that feeds water to the drill simultaneously as you operate it. All it takes is filling the tank with water, flipping a switch to engage the water, and begin drilling. Because the Aqua Shot works with impact drivers, individual tips are able to be replaced easily without purchasing a whole new tool. 

    Electrician Scissors

    Even though you probably haven’t heard of them, electrician scissors are fast becoming part of the standard repertoire in every contractor’s toolbox. Just like any type of scissors, electrician scissors can cut through materials with its blades, but come with a cable cutting notch that can easily rip through heavy-duty wire (up to 14 AWG). 

    Plus, they can easily strip 19 and 23 AWG wire and come with a notch located at the tip for deburring electrical boxes. Last, these all-purpose scissors come with a scrapers on both blades for wire cleaning.

    Cordless Track Saw

    If you’re used to working alone, you know that breaking down heavy sheet-goods with a table saw is difficult to do so accurately. Thankfully, cordless track saws are becoming more commonplace, where cutting large materials is now a one-man job. 

    The FESTOOL TSC 55 is a great example of a cordless track saw that’s making waves, featuring the same blade speed and cut capacity of its corded variety, but also has an attached collection bag that wrangles particles dust–making cleanup even more easy!

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