Use a Reciprocating Saw to Prune Tree Branches Faster Than Ever

Watch this video for tips on how to quickly and easily prune tree limbs and branches using a standard reciprocating saw equipped with a special pruning blade.

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Joe Truini: A reciprocating saw is one of the most versatile power tools you can own. It can cut virtually any building material. But it’s also great for trimming tree branches.

Now you can use a standard reciprocating saw blade to cut tree branches, but you’ll get much better results if you use a pruning blade. Most people don’t realize that they sell pruning blade specifically for the reciprocating saw.

And let me show you how it works, first using the standard blade. Let me put on my safety glasses. OK, here we go. There you go.

Now, that was pretty quick, right? Maybe eight or ten seconds. Well, let me show me how much quicker you can go using the pruning blade.

OK, here we go. There you go. A nice clean cut, in a fraction of the time.


  1. I have a mounted light in my hallway. Its has a glass cover that twists on the base mounted to the ceiling. It gets stuck. Any easy remedies to loosen it up so it will twist off to replace burnt out light bulb…

  2. wow! it’s extremely fast pruning tree branches using the Pruning reciprocating saw blades. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Love the post on using a reciprocating saw with appropriate blade.

    A tip for easily replacing light bulbs and glass covers that screw into a metal holder is to use a dab of mineral oil on the metal part. I usually apply is sparingly with my finger on the threads only. It makes light bulbs much easier to replace and mineral oil doesn’t get rancid.

  4. How many amps? Is it better to get a rechargeable? Any suggestions on brand and price. I don’t plant to do branches much larger than 2 inches and probabluy most will be closer to one.

    • Hi, Kate,
      We recommend contacting the manufacturer for product-specific questions, such as current amps.
      Rechargeable, cordless tools are more versatile than their corded counterparts, so it’s a matter of preference, but we do prefer that versatility.
      Check out The Home Depot for the latest selection!

  5. I have two 30 foot maple trees. One that has dead looking branches on one side of the tree. It may make it look odd if I cut only those branches off, but I don’t want to loose that tree and or the other in case it may transfer something bad to the other.

  6. Hi there,

    I need to cut some branches off trees and also get rid of some dead bushes. so I bought myself an 18V Reciprocating saw, battery, for the first time. No place near me sold a pruning blade. So I just used a regular all purpose blade. And thought that it would still cut through, as you show in your video. Of course a pruning blade would be quicker, but you seemed to get through that branch with ease just using a regular blade. Well I struggled! it took so long. And I was cutting through a branch almost exactly the same thickness as you did in your video. It was just not cutting at all! and it was a brand new tool, with a brand new blade. And I was on the highest setting. What did I do wrong? Is the tool just not powerful enough? I have no idea how this would cut through metal and other materials, if it can’t even cut through a tree branch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  7. I have a brushless ryobi one handed sawzall. I use it almost exclusively for bush removals. Cut a circle in the dirt around the bush and literally pop it out with a sharp shooter shovel or my personal favorite the Radius root slayer.


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