Cordless Light with Remote Control Product Review

Use: For extra lighting without wiring.
Cost: $13.28 + $4.99 S&H = $18.27 total
Rating: ★★★★☆

Everyone has a dark closet or pantry that could use a little extra light, so we decided to put this battery powered Cordless Ceiling/Wall Light with wireless remote control from Sierra Tools to the test. The light contains 18, energy efficient, LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs that provide a good bit of light.

Installation was fairly simple:

  • Mount the light base on a wall or ceiling.
  • Insert 4 AA batteries (not included) in the light.
  • Attach the light to the base.
  • Insert special battery (not included) in the remote control.
  • Attach the remote control to a wall or door frame.

The LED light and remote control worked as advertised and might be just what you need to brighten up those dark spots in your home. However, finding the special, nonstandard battery for the remote control wasn’t easy, and required a trip to a specialty battery store.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


Danny Lipford: Homeowners Brent and Chelsea have found something that they hope will solve a problem they’ve been dealing with for a long time around the house.

Chelsea McKinley: Our problem is this pantry is so dark. It’s really hard to see at night.

Danny Lipford: It is pretty dark.

Chelsea McKinley: So we’re hoping that finding this will help us out.

Danny Lipford: As you might imagine, the batteries are not included, but we brought some along. And once they’re in, it’s apparent that both the remote switch and the light work pretty well.

Chelsea McKinley: Oh, cool. Oh, wow! That’s bright.

Danny Lipford: Now to figure out exactly where to put it. Can you see all right? Need some light?

Brent McKinley: Perfect. Thank you.

Danny Lipford: The installation is pretty straightforward, and when it’s complete.

Brent McKinley: There we go.

Chelsea McKinley: There you go.

Danny Lipford: Chelsea seems to be pretty happy with the result.

Chelsea McKinley: Look at that. I like it.

Brent McKinley: Pretty good.

Danny Lipford: So this cordless light and remote have the McKinley’s approval. And at just under 13 bucks, it seems to be a pretty good value. So our rating, four out of five.


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