Whether it’s family fun in the summer, or swimming for exercise, everybody loves a splash in the pool from time to time. Unfortunately, due to the chlorine in the water, this isn’t possible for everyone. The hives and skin irritation caused by chlorine can be uncomfortable. However, solar pool ionizers can change the way you swim for good.

There are so many pool ionizers and purifiers in the market that it’s so difficult to search for the right ionizer for your pool. These ionizers come with various features as well as limitations. It’s important to check out the specifications as these ionizers are developed for different pool sizes. We have prepared this brief article to help you choose the right product for your pool.

    Editor’s Picks

    Let’s quickly take a look at the best products currently available in the market.

    Best Overall

    Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock & Water Purifier

    The Remington ionizer is one of the finest products on the market. Satisfied customers report reducing their pool’s chlorine consumption by at least halfThe Remington acts as advertised, removing algae from the pool and keeping it clinically clean, requiring only a weekly clean of the coil. Whilst not the most voluminous of products (with a capacity of just 22,000 gallons), we’ve named it our best in class because it combines sterling performance with a middle-of-the-road price point, and trustworthiness.

    Best Chemical Reduction

    Original Solar Pool Ionizer

    This pool ionizer comes with a cleaning capacity of 35,000 gallons of water, and is capable of reducing the chlorine usage in your swimming pool by 85%! It also comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as a full cleaning kit.

    Best Budget

    Peak Products Solar Pool Ionizer

    This solar-powered ionizer is similar to the previous two ionizers as it treats up to 35,000 gallons of water. With an 85% chlorine reduction, this is a great purchase for those with sensitive skin or looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly pool.

    How Do Solar Pool Ionizers Work?

    First of all, what is a solar pool ionizer? They are water purifiers that use solar technology to generate a secure and continuous low voltage trickle feed of solar generated electrical power that ionizes mineral ions into the water of your pool.

    Copper, silver and zinc ions have been proven to prevent algae and bacterial growth in water. Although there are different kinds and models of solar pool ionizers (also called mineralizers) they all work according to the same basic principle, that is by dispersing ions in a body of water that contrast and control the aforementioned growth of algae and/or bacteria. You can keep your pool even cleaner with the addition of a solar pool skimmer to remove detritus like leaves and pollen.

    The way a solar pool ionizer work is relatively simple. The sun’s rays are harvested and converted into a low voltage current connects to an anode (an electrode that facilitates oxidation reactions). The release of ions and minerals ensures a cleaner pool. Solar pool ionizers require minimal maintenance, though you should strive to keep the solar panel in the ionizer as clean as possible, to maximize its efficiency.

    Combined with a range of other solar-powered pool products, like solar pool heaters, solar pool lights, solar pool pumps, and solar covers, your swimming pool can run self-sufficiently whenever the sun is out.

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    Pros And Cons Of Solar Pool Ionizers

    Like any product with a such a specific purpose, solar pool ionizers have both their set of pros and cons.


    • Solar pool ionizers are one of the best tools against the proliferation of algae, especially in hotter, humid weathers.
    • Solar pool ionizers use natural minerals with no additives meaning they are a clean and eco-friendly way of contrasting algae and other harmful micro-organisms that infest pools.
    • This also means you need no artificial algaecides and less chlorine (some solar pool ionizers reduce chlorine levels to drinking level purity).
    • The copper-silver ionization is extremely effective in killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Poorly maintained pools have been shown to be a catalyst in the spread of waterborne diseases and infections. The highly efficient anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of both copper and silver have been known for centuries and can easily eliminate multiple threats such as Legionella, E.Coli and Giardia.
    • While there are other products and methods that reduce algae, bacteria and chlorine requirement in pools (such as UV and Ozone systems), solar pool ionizers are by far the best value when it comes to price and energy consumption.


    • Solar pool ionizers do not oxidize or eliminate organic material such as sweat, lotion or makeup.
    • All pool ionizers have a cell that must be replaced after extended usage (in a time period between 3 months and 3 years). These cells can cost upwards of 200$, a figure that must be calculated in your budget but as chlorine, algaecides and PH balancing chemicals are reduced it is still very much a positive investment
    • Some solar pool ionizers have the potential to stain your pool if faulty or not properly maintained. Newer and improved models reduce the chance of this happening drastically.
    • Solar panel products require sunlight in order to function effectively; naturally, sunlight levels fluctuate throughout the year.

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    Best Pool Ionizers Reviewed

    Now that we have discussed the best picks from our list, let’s dive into the details to figure out what exactly each product has to offer.

    Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock & Water Purifier

    Named our ‘Best Overall’, the Remington Solar Store ionizer is one of the most highly-recommended products on the market. Owners of Remington solar pool ionizers happily report pools crystalline blue and algae-free, within the first few weeks of use. Requiring only a weekly cleaning of the internal coil, the Remington pool ionizer is super low maintenance, and high return. Capable of handling pools of up to 22,000 gallons (a second unit is required for larger pools), it can reduce your chlorine consumption by at least half (or up to 80%). What’s more, on top of a year’s warranty, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. (That’s just how confident Remington Solar Store are in their product!)

    Agreeable price point (especially taking performance track record into account)
    Satisfied customer reviews mean brand reliability
    One-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
    Small volume: only covers up to 22,000 gallons, compared to 30,000+ gallons covered by competitors

    CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

    Copper has designed and developed this high-quality solar pool ionizer for your swimming pool. It will prevent algae and reduce the amount of chlorine by 85% from your pool water. It can treat 45000 gallon pools with quite an ease.

    Highest quality
    Efficient and effective
    Doesn’t require batteries
    Includes a free buddy band to protect the ionizer
    Doesn’t perform well in less heat

    Floatron Original Solar Powered Water Ionizer

    This ionizer uses a copper electrode to clean and mineralize pools, ponds, and water features. It reduces chlorine levels up to 80% whilst ensuring that it doesn’t damage your hair, eyes, or skin. Once, it is put into the pool it doesn’t require any human intervention anymore. However, it is can only be used for small-sized pools.

    Comes with an effective copper electrode
    Works in various forms of water
    80% chlorine usage production
    No guarantee
    Treatment capacity is very low

    No More Green Technologies Original Solar Powered Pool Ionizer

    With the help of copper bars, this solar pool ionizer can last more than two years. It treats 35,000 gallons of water, whilst regularly regulating copper ion levels. It uses a solar-powered panel to provide electrical energy to the copper anode for under-water ion distribution.

    Works as an effective algae killer in 35,000 gallons of water
    Low price
    Regulates copper ion levels
    Possibility of staining your pool floor a copper tint

    SUNTOUCH TREASURES Solar Pool Maid Ionizer

    If you are worried about pool chemicals that can harm your skin, worry no more. The SUNTOUCH TECHNOLOGIES has built this fast, safe to use, and user-friendly pool ionizer technology to ionize the pool water of your swimming pool. It is powered by a solar panel. You just have to throw it into your swimming pool and it will be good to go.

    Capacity up to 35000 gallons
    Fast, safe, and easy to use
    Excellent US-based customer service
    Low built quality

    Hilltop Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer And Purifier

    Hilltop solar pool ionizer has a superior quality anode that releases 99.9% refined ions to treat your swimming pool. It can treat up to 14000 gallons of water and saves a lot of money.

    Super quality anode
    Highly efficient
    User friendly
    Cost saver
    Treatment capacity is low

    XtremepowerUS 90119 Solar Pool Ionization System

    You’re gonna need more bathing suits as we have another XtremepowerUS product on our list. XtremepowerUS pool ionizers are designed to meet customers’ expectations. These pool ionizers not just take care of your pools but also your skin.

    Provide complete solution
    Highly effective
    Treats 35000 gallons of water
    No after-sale services
    Low quality

    Hilltop Solar Swimming Pool Ionizers

    Reducing the chlorine level in your swimming pool has never been more convenient. Hilltop manufactures and supplies amazing pool ionizers that improve your pool chemistry. The copper anode present in a single unit produces 99.9% refined copper-silver ions that reduce the chlorine exposure inside your swimming pool.

    Comes with an LED ionization indicator
    Save a lot of money
    High-quality item
    Low gallons capacity

    Solar Pool Ionizers Buyer’s Guide

    Features to keep in mind while buying the right pool ionizer

    What is a Solar Pool Ionizer?

    Solar pool ionizers are a cost-effective, safer way to make sure your water is clean and algae-free. By placing the ionizer on top of the pool water, the ionizer will collect sunlight to use a charge. Using this charge, it will travel across the water surface releasing minerals and ions into the pool water. This kills off algae and bacteria without having to add chemicals.

    Solar pool ionizers are split into the categories of silver ionizers, and copper ionizers. But what is the difference?

    Copper Ionizers

    Copper Ionizers work as an algaecide. This means that the copper ions kill off microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Using a copper electrode that is submerged into the water, a small electrical charge is transmitted into your swimming pool. This releases copper ions which then go on to kill the microorganisms within the water.

    Silver Ionizers

    Silver Ionizers work as a bacteriostat. This means the silver ions kill off bacteria. However, this happens at a slower pace, meaning chlorine or bromine is still required to ensure your pool is clean. Nevertheless, silver ionizers still act as a more effective cleaner than the Chlorine used in public swimming pools.

    Which is the better option?

    Although both silver and copper ionizers still require a small form of sanitation such as chlorine or bromine, for the most part, copper ionizers are the most effective way to clean your pool without harmful chemicals overpowering your water. The copper electrode will effectively work as an algae-killer and ensure your water is clean all year round.

    What to look out for

    • Copper electrode – although silver ionizers are good for mineralization when combined with chlorine, copper electrodes release the required metal ions into the water whilst using their dc current to kill algae and unwanted microorganisms.
    • Warranty- it is entirely your decision whether you want a warranty included in your purchase, however, I would recommend finding an ionizer with a warranty included in case anything happens to your product.
    • Minimum amount of extra chlorine required- when looking for a solar ionizer you want to ensure you are not having to buy masses of extra chlorine for your water. I would recommend a chlorine reduction of 80-85%
    • Pool size- it is important to ensure the ionizer is able to capacitate to your pool size. Some ionizers can treat 10,000 gallons and others 50,000.

    Things to remember

    • Your ionizer will not work straight away- it takes around 24-hours for the copper ions to build up concentration in your pool.
    • Copper levels- remember to regularly monitor the copper levels in your pool. Most ionizers come with copper measuring strips, however, if yours does not, look into purchasing some from places such as amazon. If your pool’s copper levels surpass 0.5ppm, take your ionizer out until the levels drop.
    • Staining- due to the copper ions released, there is a small chance of a copper-colored stain on your pool’s floors and walls.

    Final Verdict

    XtremepowerUS manufactures the most efficient solar pool ionizer by an impressive margin. With the capacity to nurture 32,000 gallons of water, this ionizer can keep your pool pure, mineralized, and algae-free. It has high built-quality therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon. It is one of the highest-rated pool ionizers in the market and has a decent treatment capacity. All in one, it is a complete package for your pool purification.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the ionizer clean all of my water?

    Using the energy collected from the solar panels, the ionizer floats on the surface of the water, moving around your pool releasing metal ions to kill microorganisms and mineralize your pool.

    Can you leave the ionizer outside at night?

    Yes, your ionizer can stay in your pool 24-hours a day, however, it will be less active at night, and on cloudy days, as it will not be able to collect energy from the sun.

    How do I know if it is working?

    You should regularly check the copper levels in your water using copper level test strips. If the level of copper surpasses 0.5ppm, take your ionizer out of the water until the levels drop.

    Does it need regular cleaning?

    Yes, most ionizers come with a cleaning kit. However, if yours doesn’t, it is definitely a purchase you need. The cleaning guide will come with instructions on how to keep your ionizer clean and working.

    What is the ideal range of calcium hardness?

    The ideal range of calcium hardness is between 200-400 parts per million for swimming pools.

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