The importance of greener alternatives of energy. 100 Watt solar panels fall under the beginner’s category when it comes to sustainable energy production for small devices.

These solar panels are laptops, cameras, flashlights, and drones.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best-selling products in this category. We will explain what each top product has to offer and how it creates value for its users. We’ll also discuss some essential features that you must look out for by yourself before investing in solar panels. Let’s take a look and figure out which 100 Watt solar panel is the right product to be your charging companion.

Editor’s Picks

Before we dive deep into the reviews of all the products, let’s quickly take a look at the three best products in their respective categories.

Best Overall

Renogy 12 Volt 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Renogy 12 Volt 100 Watt solar panel is the best product on our list. It is offered at a highly affordable price and it has all the essential features that differentiate it from the rest of the products in the market. Energy efficiency, durability, user experience, warranty; it has everything to offer. From small devices to large size electrical equipment, it has the operational efficiency to produce sufficient electrical power.

Best Price

Mighty Max 12 Volts 100 Watts Solar Panel

Mighty Max has manufactured this particular product for the mass market. They have offered it at a 20% lower price than the standard market price benchmark. It is still a good product and has the quality and capability of competing at the highest level. It is compatible with different types of batteries. You can utilize it with a range of products without any operational issues.

Best Flexibility

Topsolar Flexible 100 Watt Solar Panel

Topsolar 100 Watt solar panels have the best design among all products on our list. These foldable panels can be installed anywhere to provide you with instant solar power. This 100 Watt solar panel kit is a great purchase for those who want to invest in a hybrid system; one which can be used for both home-based and outdoor purposes.

How Do 100 Watt Solar Panels Work?

It’s all very well being inspired to begin your solar powered journey into renewable energy, but without first knowing the inner workings of solar panels – how they do what they do, what you need to complete the array, and what they can be used to power – you’ll soon find yourself lost in what appears on the surface to be a pretty confusing world. Fear not, however, for we are here to teach you in layman’s terms exactly how 100 watt solar panels work.

Let’s start with the innovative technology and science which goes into a solar panel in the first place, and how this generates electricity without requiring anything more than sunlight. Solar panels are waterproof and weatherproof frames containing films of many individual solar cells. (You may also hear these cells being referred to as ‘photovoltaic cells’). Solar cells are comprised of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon (monocrystalline being preferable), a substance which reacts both chemically and physically when exposed to sunlight. Essentially, the sunlight hits the solar cell and forces the displacement of electrons from one thin film of silicon to another – the act generates volts of electricity, which are then transferred through a junction box/transducer located at the base or back of the solar panel, and into cabling which carries the electricity away. This process is known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’, and it occurs over and over again, so long as the panel is exposed to direct sunlight (learn how solar energy turns into electricity). The displaced electrons are recycled to the initial layer every time. Many users of photovoltaic energy often ask this question, ‘Do solar panels work without direct sunlight? Explore our article to find out.

So this is how solar panels generate electricity, but what happens then? We stated that the electricity passes through the panel’s transducer and junction box, from here it moves through the cabling included in most solar panel kits. After this though, you need to purchase additional components to complete the solar setup. The cabling needs to be plugged into a high-capacity Lithium Ion battery, which stores this electricity for future use. Lastly, whatever you plug into this battery (be it an appliance or handheld device) is charged by the solar electricity!

What can you use a 100 watt solar panel for? Well, 100 watts is pretty low, meaning that you can only efficiently charge appliances and devices which require 100 watts to run. However, what you can do is to link several 100 watt solar panels together in an array – fed through the same controller to the same battery – to charge more demanding appliances.

Side note: most solar panels are rigid, designed to be mounted on flat surfaces or angled on the ground; however some panels are actually flexible (check out the problems associated with flexible solar panels), meaning they can be folded for transportation or even mounted on rounded surfaces.

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Pros and Cons of 100 Watt Solar Panels

It’s important that you know of both the upsides and downsides to solar power, and 100 watt solar panels before buying.


  1. Free electricity. Surely the major appeal of all solar technology is that the electricity it generates is completely free, and doesn’t add a single cent to your monthly or annual energy bills. This is because all a solar panel needs to generate electricity is sunlight!
  2. Green energy. Renewable energies like solar are thankfully becoming more and more popular on a global scale, which is a good thing because they are carbon-free and environmentally-friendly. In other words, they don’t do any harm to the earth, unlike fossil fuels.
  3. Affordable. Because 100 watt solar panels are at the lower end of the power scale when it comes to solar panels, they are some of the most affordable on the market, often available for around just $100.
  4. Easy to setup. Solar panels don’t require any extensive wiring or setup, simply attach them to a controller and that controller to a battery, mount them somewhere with consistent exposure to direct sunlight, and they’ll begin generating consumable electricity within a day. You can do this yourself, or with the help of a trusted solar panel professional.
  5. Durable. Solar panels by their very nature need to be weatherproof and waterproof, which means that they’re built to be durable, and should last you many years before requiring any sort of maintenance. Check out the lifespan of solar panels.


  1. Low power. Unfortunately, 100 watts really isn’t enough to power very much. Great for beginners, campers, motor home owners, for all the rest of us – looking to establish a self-sufficient, off-grid solar array – we’re going to need panels with a lot more kick.
  2. Sunlight dependent. Obvious right? Still, worth mentioning. Solar panels, though improving every day, still require that most basic of components to work properly: sunlight. If they’re not exposed to direct, consistent sunlight, they’re not going to have the raw ingredient they require to generate electricity. This means poorer performance on overcast days, or during extended periods of low light (such as winter).
  3. Heavy. Whilst not true for all solar panels, many can be quite heavy in their construction, meaning it’s not always possible to install them on your own, or for them to be easily transportable.

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The Best 100 Watt Solar Panels Reviewed

Following are a few of the best products currently available on the market. Let’s quickly get the general information on these products so that you can choose the right product accordingly.

#1 Renogy 12 Volt 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

One of the most important elements of any solar panel is the solar cells present in its composition. Monocrystalline solar panels are more energy-efficient than their polycrystalline counterparts. Renogy 12 Volt 100 Watt solar panel is manufactured while keeping this fact as a top priority. This is why this product is one of the highest energy-efficient products in the market and ranked at the top of our list.

Usually, 100 Watt panels are not powerful enough to charge large-sized batteries, but this product competes in the top league. It has the capability to charge batteries of your cars, RVs, and boats. You can imagine what it has to offer for your mobile phones, laptops, and torch lights.

When it comes to the installation and operation of this solar panel, it doesn’t disappoint in this regard either. It is easy to set up and is safe for kids. Renogy provides a 25-year power output warranty and a 1-year workmanship service.

Highly Durable
Energy Efficient
Easy to Install and Operate

#2 DOKIO 18 Volt 100 Watt Solar Panel

DOKIO is a popular brand for supplying the highest quality solar panels. Their 100 Watt solar panels are no exception either. DOKIO has manufactured this highly durable 100 Watt solar panel to withstand tough climate conditions and provide you with high-quality solar power throughout the daytime.

It has the capacity to charge both the 12V and 18V batteries regardless of the battery types. This compatibility combined with energy conversion efficiency ensures that your deep cycle batteries are preserved for long shelf life. These panels have pre-drilled holes on the back of their aluminum frames and, therefore, their installation is pretty simple and straightforward. Explore our solar panel installation guide for detailed instructions.

Easy to Install and Operate
High Conversion Efficiency
Highly Compatible
No warranty

#3 Mighty Max 12 Volts 100 Watt Solar Panel

Mighty Max 100 Watt solar panels are heavy-duty in size as well as performance. The size is heavy because a durable aluminum frame is used for their protection while efficiency is commendable due to the use of highly energy-efficient polycrystalline solar cells.

If you choose to install a few of these solar panels on your roof, they’ll produce enough solar power to run all electric appliances in your house. It is due to their energy efficiency and durability that they are ranked so high on this list.

Another surprising feature of this product is its price. It is supplied at a fairly lower price so that the mass market can afford this great product. The only drawback of this 100 Watt solar panel is that it cannot be carried along like a piece of camping equipment because of its immense weight.

Highly Efficient
Extremely Durable
Immensely Compatible

#4 Renogy 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit 12 Volts Monocrystalline

Renogy offers this 100 Watt solar panel as a complete charging kit. It has all the specs and features that you would expect from a high-end product. It has monocrystalline solar cells to deliver the highest conversion efficiency. For durability, it is protected with an aluminum frame, and for operational effectiveness and damage prevention, it comes with a built-in PWM charge controller. This controller prevents negative charging, overheating, and short circuits. All in all, it’s a complete package.

PWM Charge ControllerMonocrystalline Solar Cells
Monocrystalline Solar Cells
Highly Durable
Highly Compatible

#5 Newpowa 100 Watt 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Newpowa 100 Watt solar panel is yet another economical product on our list. It is designed by Newpowa for those who want a robust solar panel that can deal with tough weather conditions while providing a high energy conversion rate. Also, it comes pre-installed in the junction box along with the connecting cable to save you the effort of complex installation.

The rugged design enables the solar panel to deliver consistent solar energy to charge their small-sized appliances on a regular basis. These solar panels are not just restricted to camping trips, you can employ them for continuous energy generation purposes. Lastly, it comes with a whopping 25-yr transferable output warranty.

Special Design
Energy Efficient
25-year Transferable Output Warranty
Low Compatibility

#6 RICH SOLAR 12 Volt 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

User experience is something that is integral to customer satisfaction and RICH SOLAR takes care of this feature quite well. Their 100 Watt solar panel is offered with quick connect cables to operate them without any hassle. You can use this product anytime and anywhere to produce clean solar energy without the need for any prior operator skills or knowledge.

Their energy conversion rate is so good that you can use it as a fixed panel on your roof even in low-light environments. You can also use them as portable panels for off-grid energy generation during your outdoor trips. This product, like the previous one on our list, comes with an impressive 25-tr transferable output warranty.

Excellent Energy Conversion Rate
Highly Durable
Fast and Easy Installation
25-year Transferable output warranty

#7 ECO-WORTHY 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit 12 Volts

There aren’t many products on this list that are offered as complete charging kits. ECO-WORTHY 100 Watt solar panel is one of those few products. It has all the essential nuts, bolts, and cables and most importantly a power inverter that allows you to conveniently connect it to your mobile phones, tablets, and laptop batteries along with other off-grid applications.

You don’t need expert training to install and operate these solar panels as they are extremely user-friendly. Another great feature of this 100 Watt solar panel is the charging controller to deal with excess energy influxes. It safeguards your power station as well all other devices that are connected to it.

Easy to Install
High Efficiency
Charging Controller
Complete Charging Kit
No Warranty

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#8 Topsolar Flexible 100 Watt Solar Panel

Topsolar has truly built a masterpiece with a blend of style and durability. These 100 Watt solar panels are unlike any other products on our list. They have a unique flexible design that allows you to install them on any surface without any difficulty.

Apart from the design, this solar panel is manufactured with ETFE materials which are known as one of the most reliable materials used in the construction of solar panels. You can install it on top of your roof without any worries. It withstands high winds without any damage.

Lastly, this off-grid solar panel is highly energy efficient. On a bright sunny day, it can produce enough solar energy output to charge all your devices.

Flexible Design
Easy to Install

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Buyers’ Guide

Buying the right solar panel can be a bit challenging especially if you are new to this product category. This buyers’ guide explains a few of the key features that you should look out for, to save yourself from any hassle. Let’s took a look.


Price is the first factor that you should investigate as it will give you a general perception of the product. Almost all features of solar panels are subject to their prices. So it’s always advisable to be perceptive of the same.


High-end manufacturers build their customers’ trust by providing top-notch customer service. Warranty is an element of this effort. It not only secures your investment but also develops your relationship with your product’s manufacturer.


Whether portable or not, most solar panels are built with highly durable materials. These materials include ABS plastic, low iron tempered glass, and aluminum frames. This is to ensure that they can operate in extreme climate conditions without incurring any damage. However, this is not the case with all solar panels. Some are not so durable, and you should watch out for such products.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of solar panels are integral to their portability. Heavyweight panels will be difficult to manage when undertaking outdoor activities like camping. Generally, for camping purposes, lightweight panels are used that are lined by plastic frames. Home-based or fixed solar panels are heavyweight as they are protected by more durable aluminum frames.

Energy Conversion

The energy conversion of solar panels is affected by the type of solar cells used in their composition. Monocrystalline solar cells are more energy-efficient than polycrystalline solar cells. You have to keep in mind this differentiating factor as it impacts the performance of the solar panels by a sizeable margin.


Design is added as a bonus feature in this buyer guide. It is integral to the overall user experience of solar panels. Some panels can be folded and packed without the need for an extra carrying bag. Look out for such features if outdoor trips are your primary objective.

Final Verdict

Renogy 100 Watt Solar Panel is the best product in the 100 Watt category. First off, it is provided at a good price that is affordable to the masses. Secondly, it is composed of monocrystalline solar cells that are far more energy-efficient than other materials. The durability and build quality of this product is also top-notch. It has the capability to withstand and operate in extreme weather conditions.

Overall it’s a great product that provides a better service to its customers without any worries. It’s highly unlikely that you will encounter a manufacturing fault in this product. Still, Renogy provides a 25-years solar energy output warranty along with a 1-year workmanship warranty with this off-grid energy provider. Renogy left no stones unturned in introducing high-value providers to this product.

Check out our detailed guide to diverse solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the major difference between portable and fixed solar panels?

The main difference would be the kind of materials used to frame the panels. Portable solar panels are lightweight because they are protected with a plastic frame. Fixed solar panels are protected with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame to withstand tough climate conditions.

How powerful are the 100 Watt solar panels?

100 Watt solar panels are probably the starters in the solar products category. These are manufactured to power up small and medium-sized electric appliances and gadgets.

What is the expected shelf life of solar panels?

Solar panels are built with durable materials and they don’t require a complex mechanical system to produce solar power. Due to this reason, they have a long shelf life and they depreciate at a slow pace. They are generally expected to last more than two decades.

What is the function of the charge controller in solar kits?

A charge controller is included in most charging kits to prevent them from electrical malfunctions such as short circuits, reverse polarity, negative charging, and overheating. A charge controller preserves battery life and safeguards the entire solar system.

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