How to Replace a Roof Vent Jack

      Remove nails         Take out old roof jack     Attach new roof jack

If you have squirrels in your area, there is a good chance the lead roof jacks on your home need to be replaced. Roof jacks fit over plumbing vent pipes that protrude through the roof to keep them from leaking. Squirrels can damage the jacks by chewing on the soft lead covering to sharpen their teeth.

Steps to Replacing a Roof Vent Jack

To replace a damaged roof vent jack on your home:

  1. Carefully pry up the shingles around the roof jack using a flat pry bar.
  2. Remove any roofing nails, and slide out the shingles.
  3. Pry up the old jack, and remove it by pulling it up over the vent pipe.
  4. Slide a new roof jack, sized to fit your vent pipe, over the pipe.
  5. Secure the new roof jack to the roof decking with roofing nails.
  6. Cut roof shingles to fit around the roof jack, and insert them under the existing shingles.
  7. Nail the new shingles down with roofing nails so the nails are covered by the shingle above.
  8. Use a hammer to bend the top edge of the soft lead roof jack down into the vent pipe.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Hello I have a Vent Pipe flashing that apparently has got too hot and warped on the exposed side allowing water to get in through the opening. It is pretty cold this time of year and I am worried about breaking the composite shingles trying to bend them up. I am trying to avoid having to buy new ones if possible. you make it look so easy and if it were still September I would have had no issues as the heated shingles would have had a little give to them. Right now they are cold, wet and rigid and feel somewhat brittle. Any help would be much appreciated. I could you pictures to show you what I am up against.
    Thanks, Robert

  2. Can you guys show a video on how to install a vent through the roof coming out of the bathrooms. My bathrooms are vented into the attic,
    I know that’s not good.


  3. I have a roof vent cap from my dryer vent. The back draft damper does not work like it should. So I am going to get a new roof vent and install it myself. Can you through some tips. Thanks


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