Using Asphalt Shingles on a Low Slope Roof

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I just bought a house with a roof section that has a 1 to 2 inch pitch, should I use rubber roofing or are shingles acceptable? -Mike


The usual slope for asphalt shingles is a 4” or greater rise for every horizontal foot of run. A 3” per foot slope is considered low, but may be acceptable if a double layer of felt is used. Some building codes allow as low as a 2” slope with asphalt shingles if additional steps are taken. For anything less than that, you should use a roofing material specifically made for low slope roofs.


  1. Hi, enjoy your show every Sunday morning. I have a doublewide mobile home and the front of the cabinets are made of compressed cardboard with contact type paper over it, they are in bad shape and I can’t replace them, I would like to paint them but what would I do to prep them and what kind of paint would I use? Thanks for your interest Lucy

  2. Hello,I have spray painted a home and the new roof shingles has overspray on them.I have used a cleaner that seems to have burned a small area.Is there a spray paint or something I can use to apply lightly to cover up the white that is on a dark (driftwood)color?

  3. I have a low slope roof 3-5,one layer of shingles it is pooling on edges. What should i do to solve this problem

  4. We have a 30×60 manufactured home with a low sloped shingled roof. We have had the roof replaced twoice because of storm damage. The last time was in 2001. We thought we had a reputable roofer, but we find now that our roof needs replacing again. Another roofer and the insurance agaent told us that we do not have any venting to the outside. We have had water dams and icesicles from the roof hanging almost to the ground. We put heat tapes all along the sides, and that helped some, but it is still bad and it costs us about $100 a month more in the winter when we have the heat tapes plugged in. What do I need to do? My new roofer says he needs to roof with 30 yr. GAF entire low slope roof deck to be covered with Grace Select water & ice shield and cut in and properly install 6 low pitch pop vents. We plan to install ventilation along the sides , too. Will this solve my problem and how long will this last. We live in town and thought about going with a metal roof, but we like a shingled roof and we still need proper ventilation.


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