The exterior of your home can say a lot about you: from showing hints of your personality to putting your style preferences on display. Because of that, you want to design your home’s exterior with care, while still having fun with it.

There are countless materials, styles, and colors to choose from for your home. But, nothing is more classic than brown roofing and siding. It is a color that can help achieve virtually any look you want, from rustic to modern, if you do it right. Here are some great combinations to help you design your home’s exterior. 

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    Brown Roofing and Siding Design Ideas

    1. Simple and Rustic Brown Roofing and Siding

    One of the simplest combinations is to have brown roofing shingles, mixed with metal roof accents. Then, you can pair that with a lighter brown vertical siding, and some stone accents. It is a simple, rustic combination that creates a homey, welcoming atmosphere. 

    2. A European-Esque Cottage Look

    Many homeowners are enamored with European styles, especially when it comes to country cottages. European cottage-style homes are unique in their design and appearance, bringing hints of Europe to create a beautiful home. You can pair a rustic brown roof with stone siding for something different. 

    3. A Classic Exterior Brown Roofing

    Another possibility is to draw from the Colonial style that pairs a darker roof with light siding. Instead of gray or black roofing, you can choose a darker brown to help lighten the overall exterior. You can pair that with light siding to achieve a classic exterior that draws from older styles while still adding modern touches. For other roofing options, we encourage you to explore our article on the comparison of landmark moire and charcoal black

    4. A Modern Dream Brown Roofing

    In some cases, modern means sharp, clean lines. It also refers to newer homes. Modern homes tend to combine classic brown roofing with siding in shades of gray, and sometimes brown. You can even add elements of matching masonry work to create areas of interest on the roof and around the siding. Combined, these features can create a breathtaking design. 

    5. Rustic Meets Modern

    Many people love the look of rustic lodgings, like cabins. However, you don’t have to go entirely rustic; instead, consider rustic materials with modern touches. Combine brown roofing and siding with ranch-style house colors, large windows, and stone accents for a breathtaking exterior. By choosing siding that is a lighter color than the roof and using horizontal planks, you can create a distinction between the roof and structure. The lighter siding will also help bring more brightness to the exterior.

    6. Weathered Craftsman Style

    Your home doesn’t have to look totally new; a weathered or aged exterior can add a great deal of character, and compliment newer elements as well. You can combine dark brown roofing with a weathered brown siding. To add more areas of interest, you can also have areas of copper roofing and stone siding to add to the rest of the home’s design.

    7. Rustic Cabin Brown Roofing

    For a simple rustic cabin look, you can combine brown roofing and siding. Instead of having a dark roof and lighter siding, you can reverse the two colors–choosing dark siding with lighter roofing. Darker, vertical plank siding can create a striking appearance, and it can be lightened with the addition of the light roof and with stone accents. 

    8. The Woodland Fairytale Look

    Instead of going with the basic brown roofing and siding look, consider something out of a fairytale, like the home above. The dark wood roof shingles, paired with an accent of golden wood siding shingles creates an eye-catching look. The rest of the siding can be done in the same golden color, with plank siding instead to keep the interest on specific focal points of the house.

    9. All-American Style Brown Roofing and Siding

    Nothing beats the classic Americana style of simple, clean architecture. You can pair classic brown roofing with a brick exterior. To break up the brick a little, you can add accents of lighter brown horizontal siding. These are all classic design elements that help to create a warm, welcoming home, with a look you don’t see all that often anymore.

    10. Mid-Century Brown

    Mid-century modern is another popular home style that can look unique with a touch of rusticism. A light brown roof paired with brown vertical siding can create something special. Instead of regular brown plank siding, it can be siding that varies in color with each plank, creating more visual interest. By choosing browns, you can soften the modern part of the home design and stone accents can help make it feel more classic.

    11. Upgraded Barnhouse Style

    Nothing says rustic like a barnhouse look, but the barnhouse look doesn’t have to mean red. Brown roofing and siding can work well for rustic styles. A regular brown will work for your roof, you can get more creative with the siding. Real wood planks come in many shades of brown, with varying grains. If you combine these materials, it creates an eye-catching look that stands out from all the rest and makes your home one-of-a-kind.

    12. Rustic Lodge Look Brown Roofing

    Lodges are popular places for vacations, so it makes sense that the look is popular for home design. It is easy to pair a brown roof with reddish-brown pit islank siding to create a vibrant, lodge-like home exterior. It is a classic look,  and one that speaks of warmth, is very welcoming, and creates the perfect home exterior, especially for homes in more mountainous areas. 

    Designing the exterior of your home is meant to be fun and exciting. It is a chance to express yourself, show your style, and let your interests and personality shine.

    There are so many possibilities. Brown roofing and siding are great options that work with a wide range of styles and come in a variety of shades. These designs are just some of the possible brown roofing and siding combinations you can consider, but the options are endless.

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