Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of February 18, 2017

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It’s a full show this week! In the first hour it’s a true surround-sound of information as we take on dust from every angle, moisture from down below, and nasty odors coming from above!

Anna is our first caller of the day phoning in from Ontario, Canada with a question about the right dust mask for woodworking. Stains and finishes can put a lot of noxious fumes in the air. Truthfully, a dust mask or respirator will help, but good ventilation is the main key, so make sure you’ve got fresh air flowing at all times. Our recommendations for a good respirator to handle the fine particles of dust associated with woodworking are as follows:

Comfy Mask
Comfy Mask

If you haven’t seen this month’s edition of Checking In With Chelsea, make sure you stop by the web site for a really nice tufted headboard she created. Follow along and you can make one of your very own. A full list of materials are provided with great step-by-step instructions.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether or not you can paint laminate cabinets, it’s definitely possible. The key is preparation. Lightly sand the surface of the plastic laminate and clean thoroughly before applying a bonding primer. Once the primer is dry, apply two coats of your favorite acrylic latex paint. To eliminate those pesky brush marks, add some Floetrol to the paint. This is an additive specifically designed to smooth out latex paints.


But, if your cabinets are in relatively good shape and you just need to repair a few nicks and dings, check out the Win Danny and His Crew episode from 2015 where we do exactly that.

A big thanks to our Cleaning Pro Whitney Cooper from Expert Cleaning Concepts who joined us this week to talk about unknown stains on vinyl flooring. A lot of those stains can be underneath the material and there’s very little to be done short of replacing the flooring. But Whitney had a great new recommendation for a cleaner that you can pick up at the Dollar Tree and it’s just as good if not better than a lot of those expensive name brands. It’s called LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner!

And here’s a look at all the questions we tackled this week:

Hour 1

Tim in Alabama
What is the best method for insulating a crawlspace? Faced insulation between floor joists or insulating crawlspace walls with Styrofoam and blocking vents? I’m getting conflicting information on the internet.

Carole in Pennsylvania
After new shingles were put on, I have a sewer/chemical smell in the attic space that filters to our living area. There is no ventilation in the attic. How can I correct it?

Walter in Florida
I am installing a 20- to 25-pound light in our ceiling. The studs are 24 inches on center. The fixture is approximately in the center of the studs. Will a 3/16″ toggle hold the fixture?

Maggie in Utah
What product do you use to clean siding?

James in Florida
Can you install vinyl tiles over ceramic tiles?

Dale in Washington
What is the name of the tile that looks like wood, that you put in the laundry room on an episode of Today’s Homeowner?

Hour 2

Linda in Florida
My washer and dryer is in the garage. Because of the humidity they are both rusting. I can’t afford a de-humidifier for the garage, so what else can I do?

Eric in Alabama
My wife & I have been painting around our house (a hallway, dresser and other rooms) and even after days of a box fan running the paint still feels slightly sticky and not completely dry. Any tips?

Carl in Georgia
My new hardwood floor is cupping after a few weeks. Installer claims it will straighten out if I install under house humidity system (first cost est. $16,000). What should I do?

Joseph in Alabama
I had a 20X20 patio poured, that I’m going to roof. After the pour set, I noticed that water ran towards the house. He says he can fix it with some type of thinset. Is this doable? And do I need an expansion joint next to the house?

Mike in Illinois
Removed 4×4 tile from my bathroom floor that was 26 years old. Tile was thinset on top of underlayment plywood. Never had a crack. I would prefer not to raise floor elevation by 1/4″ of durarock. What do you recommend?

Douglas in Florida
We have original cabinets in our kitchen. They are showing their age. How do we refinish them properly?

Gwen in North Carolina
What is the best product for cleaning glass shower walls?

Larry in Nevada
I have a 65w x 42H mirror and want to remove it. It is glued to the wall. What is the best way to remove it with out breaking it into small pieces?


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