Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 30, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the April 30, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Cindy in GA
Do you have any suggestions on how to refinish an old oak pew? The pew if from upstate NY and will be outside on my porch in GA. I was thinking of painting it a gloss white.

Dorene in PA
What is the best material to use to finish the underside of a deck roof? Previous home owners had a roof installed over the deck attached to the house but left the beams/joists and roofing boards exposed. It just looks unfinished.

Jimmy in GA
How much ventilation do I need in my attic? It’s a 2000 sq. ft. home.

Doug in AL
I replaced our back steps with treated lumber and asked them at the home center how long should I let it dry out before priming? Several people there said 2 weeks to 6 months, not sure anyone knew. Can you help?

Eva in LA
I have laminate kitchen cabinets and would like to know how to paint them and how to prepare the surface before painting.

Joe in NY
Several years ago I laid 1300 sq. ft. of ceramic tile in my home. At the same time I purchased an additional 12 boxes for any future remodel or damages. We remodeled our kitchen and when filling in the holes with the same tiles I noticed the color on the replacement tiles are several shades darker than the ones already there. They were all purchased the same day, same place, off the same pallet. I did not think ceramic tiles fade but it seems to be the case. Is there anything I can do short of tearing the entire floor up and putting down all new tile?

Paula in LA
I had my windows installed and they did the wrap at the same time. After a while, couple months, I noticed dirty, tried to clean as we always did in the past, car, bleach, Jomax, nothing would take the mold off. All other caulk around my house cleans fine but not this one.

Scott in MO
Here n Missouri, you have to call “Dig Right” before digging in your yard. I don’t recall seeing you do this on your television show. Why is that?

Larry in OH
I get an odor and gurgling from the kitchen sink with dishwasher draining into same outlet plumbing. What causes this and can it be stopped?

Kathy in VA
How can I remove rust stains from concrete?

Ginger in AL
I have a cute concrete block house. In the bathroom, the corner above the bathtub/shower the finish on the concrete is buckling and bubbling. The finish is a grout type of skimming over the blocks that has been painted. I cannot locate and type of leaks, etc. on the outside of the house. There is a small porch that rain water flows off and can hit the wall – but not a lot of water. How can I fix the problem?

Cathy in TN
I hate my yard and my husband is cheap! We have been trying to grow grass in a small section of our yard for 2 years and all I get is creeping weeds and clover. My cheap husband doesn’t want sod so please help with an idea. We have bought the most expensive seed to Kentucky k31 seed and nothing.

Mary in CO
I am purchasing a home which was found to have 4.9 pCi/L of radon in a basement storage room. The room has a sump pit, but no sump pump. Would installing a sump pump take care of the problem vs. installing a radon mitigation system?

Larry in TN
I have front steps with outdoor carpet that I want to remove. I’ve looked at different ways on as to how to remove the glue. I know from experience how hard it is to remove and prepare the surface for painting, or whatever. I’ve looked at strippers, pressure washers, scraping, sanding, etc. Any suggestions?

Carol in AL
Two windows on the back of my house are very close to a busy road with lots of traffic noise from large trucks, motorcycles and loud cars. Is there any way of soundproofing these?

Kevin in NJ
I installed a 5″ duct fan for our bathroom exhaust fan. The total length of duct to outside is less than 6 ft. The duct fan is rated 120 cfm free air. The fan won’t even push the damper open even with the spring on the exhaust damper removed. Can I add another fan in line to improve air flow or will one fan work against the other?


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