Power Sanders 101

Random Orbit Sanders

Random orbit sander
Random orbit sander

If I was only going to own one handheld power sander, it would be a random orbit sander. Random orbit sanders have a round sanding pad that vibrates (like an orbital sander) while spinning around at the same time.

Random orbit sanders cut more aggressively than orbital sanders but leave fewer sanding marks, even when sanding against the wood grain.

Random orbit sanders can be used both for rough sanding and finish work, depending on the grit of sandpaper and speed of the sander.

Sandpaper: Random orbit sanders require special round self-adhesive or hook-and-loop sanding pads.


  1. I have a speckled bone finish silestone countertop installed by Home Depot. I like it very much and want the same for a property I have in the Caribbean. Only that Home Depot say that they will not provide it since they can’t install it. I like the idea of a concrete instead and I learned that the capabiliy of concrete countertop is limitless. I have concluded that getting a 5” orbital sander and sanding disc all the way to 1500 grade will give a similar finish.

    Your thoughts ..thansk


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