How To Prolong Your HVAC’s Life And Save Money | Ep. 47

Man changing air conditioner filter
You should change your air filter every 90 days to prevent operating issues. (DepositPhotos)

On this Week’s Podcast:

• Learn how to prevent your forced-air heating and cooling system from being blocked — it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

 A two-story colonial house is starting to squeak — learn how to quiet down those floorboards for good.

• How to tackle a kitchen cabinet painting project step by step.

• Joe’s Simple Solution — two tips that will make cutting tight-fitting cope joints a breeze next time you’re working with wood moldings.

Question of the Week:

Henson from Mississippi writes, “We have a white brick corner wall to the ceiling built around a small fireplace. For years, we used it burning wood and then had it replaced with a gas fire log.

Our bricks are dirty and sooty. What can we do to get them clean or, if we can’t get them clean, can we paint them?”

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