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AHW Home Warranty has been providing home warranty coverage to customers for only 3 years, but the company has more than 50 years of collective industry experience. AHW has three plans to fit the needs of any homeowner, however, with poor customer reviews, a high claim denial rate, and a – from the BBB, House Method does not recommend AHW. AHW, formerly known as Amazon Home Warranty is not affiliated with

To help you determine if AHW is right fit for you, House Method created this AHW review that discusses plans, details about coverage length, pricing, and an analysis of how the company stacks up against other top-rated home warranty providers. Keep reading to learn more.

AHW Home Warranty Overview

Based in Columbus, Ohio, AHW offers standard coverage for a reasonable price, as well as specialty add-on options that most home warranty providers don’t provide, such as a wine refrigerator, whole-house humidifier or instant hot water dispenser. The company has a network of more than 10,000 certified, licensed and insured technicians and offers three different home warranty plans.

However, consumers should note that the company settled a class-action lawsuit in November 2021. The suit alleged the company misled customers, concealed their CEO’s identity and generated false customer reviews. Here’s how AHW ranks compared to other top providers.

Pros and Cons of AHW Home Warranty

✓ Large array of add-on options

✓ $75 off plus one month free as a sign-up bonus

✘ Settled a class-action lawsuit in November 2021 that alleged the company committed consumer fraud

✘ More exclusions than many competitors

✘ No option to choose your technician

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AHW Plans and Coverage

AHW offers three plans: one covering systems such as central air conditioning and hot water heaters, one covering appliances such as clothes washers and dryers and a combo plan covering both appliances and systems, plus some rare specialty items.

The Essential Appliances Plan covers a short list of basic appliances, the Major Systems Plan covers your home’s essential systems, and the Combo Plan covers everything that the Essential Appliances and Major Systems plans cover, along with seven additional appliances. Each plan covers wear and tear, repairs, and replacements for covered appliances or systems. We really like that the Combo plan provides unique coverage for appliances that are not always typically covered.

AHW also offers coverage for the following add-ons: pool or spa, additional central heat, additional central AC, lawn sprinkler system, septic system, whole-house humidifier, sump pump, limited roof leaks, central vacuum system, well pump, wine refrigerator, septic tank pumping, additional refrigerator, water softener and an extra hot water heater.

 System PlanAppliance PlanCombo Plan
Central AC system 
Central heating system 
Plumbing (not stoppages) 
Hot water heater 
Jetted bathtub 
Garage door openers 
Stand-alone freezer 
Trash compactor 
Built-in microwave 
Instant hot water dispenser  
Garbage disposal   
Attic fan  
Ceiling fan  
Bathroom exhaust fan  
Kitchen fan/exhaust hood  

AHW Home Warranty Cost

AHW offers three home warranty packages: the Essential Appliances Plan, the Combo Plan, and the Major Systems Plan at an average of $29–$46 per month, or $349–$549 per year. Optional coverage for items like pools, stand-alone freezers, roof leaks, second refrigerators, and septic systems is also available.

There are two costs to consider with most home warranty plans: the premium—which may be paid monthly or annually—and the service call fee. The service fee is paid at the time of repair and functions similarly to a deductible. 

AHW offers three plans, each of which has the same service fee.

Plan NameAverage Yearly PremiumService Fee
System Plan$479$75
Appliance Plan$479$75
Combo Plan$579$75

Coverage Length

AHW allows its customers to choose between an annual warranty contract and a monthly warranty contract. This flexibility provides potential customers with customization over how their home is covered and is one of the company’s key differentiators. Also, if you invest in a single payment plan with AHW Home Warranty, your first month of service is given to you for free.

Coverage Limits

AHW’s sample contract, which is available online, lists coverage caps for various systems and appliances. For example, the AHW sample contract states that the company will pay no more than $2,500 per contract term for access, diagnosis, repair, and replacement of the A/C system. For the majority of other items in the contract, like the electrical system, roof leaks, and plumbing, the coverage cap is $500.

AHW Home Warranty Reviews

AHW does not have anywhere near a 5-star rating from any customer review sites like the BBB,, and Yelp. With just 1/5 stars on Yelp, we’ve noticed that there are several hundred poor reviews of AHW complaining of claim denial, slow or nonexistent response times, and even some saying AHW finds it difficult to find service providers as they don’t get paid. 

Sharon V. (10-29-2021) on Yelp:

“This is a horrible company. They put you on hold over 30 minutes then when you finally open a claim the contractors do not contact you. Recently opened a plumbing claim. The assigned a company that doesn’t seem to exist. We could not find them by name or phone number anywhere. The company never contacted us. Usually send out a person that isn’t qualified and just says he’s a contractor.
DO NOT purchase this service plan!! I warned you. Disaster!!!!!!”

Cathy M (10-30-2021) on BBB:

“AHW has not fulfilled their promise to repair appliance within 48 hours. I have waited for a repairman for over a week now! Always an excuse when you wait on the line 30 to 45 minutes, just to get the run around. I would not recommend this company! The make it sound good, but, do not follow through!”

Allison K (10-27-2021) on BBB:

“We were dissatisfied due to poor customer service, technicians that are sent to home and are not properly trained. I was told this was a month to month contract and when I called to cancel they did so and then I received a charge for the remainder of my contract. I called back once I received the charge and They referred me to my contract statement and said I signed a contract for a year. I realized I had been scammed. Be very cautious with this company and don’t be fooled into their sales talk.BEWARE!”

AHW ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives AHW an B- rating and the company is not BBB accredited. It has 3.79/5 stars, but as you scroll almost all recent reviews are that of a disaster. Consumer Affairs also gives AHW a 1.3/5 stars with more reviews complaining of poor response time, bad customer service practices, and claim denial.

Filing a Claim With AHW

Claims can be submitted in two ways: through the online customer portal on AHW’s website or by calling their phone number, 888-934-0001. 

According to AHW, it accepts claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company also states that once a claim has been submitted, AHW will contact a contractor within 48 hours. From there, the contractor will contact the homeowner to schedule an appointment.

Potential customers should be aware that many customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) note difficulty receiving reimbursement and challenges in making contact with the company’s customer service representatives.

Our Verdict on AHW Home Warranty

While AHW Home Warranty offers a unique array of add-on repair options and one month free for policyholders who pay their annual premium up front, we do not recommend this home warranty provider.

The suite of legal issues that the company has run into, such as misrepresenting their years in business and generating false positive customer reviews, should give consumers pause when considering AHW. Instead, we recommend American Home Shield for the best home warranty experience.

AHW may be a good option for you if… 

  • You want a standard service fee of $75.
  • You want coverage for unique items.

AHW may not be your first choice if… 

  • You want to choose your own service contractor without needing prior authorization.
  • You live in a state where contracts are not available (California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, or Washington).
  • You want a quick response from your home warranty company

Our Recommended Provider: American Home Shield

 American Home Shield (AHS) is our research team’s top recommendation for a home warranty due to its range and variety of plan options, comprehensive coverage and outstanding reputation.

  • Three plan options. Customers can choose between the ShieldSilver, ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum plans, which provide increasing amounts of coverage.
  • Choose your service fee. Based on the monthly premium you select, you can adjust the amount you’ll pay at the time of service.
  • Fast service request response.: AHS assigns professionals to a customer’s service request within the first 24 hours 98% of the time.
  • Strong reputation:
    • Founded the home warranty industry and is the oldest home warranty company
    • 2019 America’s Best Midsize Employers Award by Forbes
    • 2014–2015 Women’s Choice Award
    • 2014 Home Warranty Awards “Best in Service” Award

Choosing a home warranty company is a significant decision because your peace of mind depends on it. As always, we recommend that you request quotes from multiple providers and read all the fine print.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by AHW Home Warranty?

AHW has three home warranty plans:

  • System Plan covers home systems, like electrical and plumbing.
  • Appliance Plan covers appliances, including microwaves, refrigerators, and clothes washers/dryers.
  • Combo Plan covers both home systems and appliances covered under the two aforementioned plans in addition to seven more appliances.

Optional add-ons are also available and include protection for a pool and spa, a second refrigerator, septic systems, roof leaks, and more.

How much does AHW cost?

The cost of a home warranty will vary depending on where you live and the plan you choose. The average monthly cost for an AHW plan is $29–$46 or $349–$549 per year.

Does AHW require an inspection?

No, a home inspection is not required for an AHW contract. You can get a free quote on the AHW website, regardless of your home’s age or the age of your systems and appliances. However, keep in mind that a home inspection may be useful to document the condition of your home’s systems and appliances at the time the contract goes into effect, as many home warranties don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Is an AHW plan worth it?

A plan from AHWis is not worthwhile if you’re a homeowner who’s interested in protecting your home’s major systems and appliances. The company has many negative customer reviews, many hidden coverage terms that may lead to claim denial, and it may be difficult for you to actually get your appliance or system fixed.

When does my coverage with AHW start?

Coverage begins 30 days after payment and expires 12 months from the beginning of the coverage period.

Can I purchase an AHW for a rental property?

Yes, you can purchase an AHW whether the property is your personal residence or a rental property.

Can I purchase an AHW for a property that I don’t own?

According to the company’s website, you can purchase coverage for a property you don’t own. Contact an AHW sales representative at 1-844-243-6341 to learn more.

How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Companies

To help you find the best home warranty, our reviews team researched numerous home warranty companies, analyzing their coverage plans, pricing and customer service, among other factors:

  • Coverage: Home warranty companies that provide extensive coverage and protect important systems and appliances, including your air conditioning, refrigerator and heating, scored higher than companies with minimal coverage.
  • Plan variety: A provider with more coverage plans allows for more flexibility among customers. In general, most home warranty companies provide an appliances-only plan, systems-only plan and combination plan.
  • Pricing: We scored providers based on their monthly plan prices and service call fees compared to the industry average pricing. Companies with more affordable coverage received more points than companies with more expensive plans.
  • State availability: Where you live will determine what companies are available in your area. Home warranty companies that covered more states received more points than companies with a limited state availability.
  • Trustworthiness: There are some home warranty companies that are scams and don’t follow through on their service agreements. We rated companies based on their years of experience, ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.

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