Discussing The Kuppersmith Project, Design Trends with Better Homes & Gardens

“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, pictured with Jill Waage, of Better Homes and Gardens
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, pictured with Jill Waage, of Better Homes and Gardens
  • [0:43]: Jill Waage talks about consumer trends
  • [1:48]: Danny compares the economic downturn of 2008 to the current pandemic
  • [4:45]: Danny & Jill discuss the trends they followed 10 years ago and how they are still relevant
  • [6:36]: Meet the kitchen desk: a place for a computer, to pay bills and homeschool
  • [8:06]: Danny talks about a recent THTV show that featured a closet turned into an office
  • [10:54]: Hardwood floors are still in style, but many people are choosing luxury vinyl tile
  • [13:05]: Discussing trends in outdoor living
  • [15:44]: Danny & Jill talk about how much they miss going to trade shows

In this special episode of the Today’s Homeowner Podcast, I’m talking with Jill Waage, Editor-in-Chief of Traditional Home at Better Homes & Gardens.

We’re discussing the 10th anniversary of the Kuppersmith Project along with outdoor living trends featured in Traditional Home.

“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, standing outside the Kuppersmith House in Mobile, Alabama

“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, standing outside the (then) under construction Kuppersmith house in Mobile, Alabama, while taping a 2011 series.

The Kuppersmith Project’s 10th Anniversary

The Kuppersmith Project was a renovation of a 1926 English Tudor-style home in Mobile, Alabama. The entire effort was captured in 13 television episodes of “Today’s Homeowner” that you can find here.

In this podcast, we talk about a number of home enhancements from the Kuppersmith Project that are still relevant today — like the “drop zone” when you first walk into a home.

The term “drop zone” was new to us at Today’s Homeowner, but it makes a lot of sense. You need a place where you can drop everything (like mail, keys and even shoes) before walking further into the home.

With a little bit of remodeling and work, you too can make the entrance or exit of your home beautiful!

College dorm essentials including a desk, chair on rollers, desk lamp, clock and books
Homeowners tight on space have had to add a desk wherever they could squeeze one in, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (DepositPhotos)

Adding a Desk to the Kitchen

In the past year, the need for workspace at home has been at a record high due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A small desk area in the kitchen has gradually returned as a popular, functional fixture. Many homeowners have dedicated a small section or a whole other addition for a computer area or for kids to be homeschooled.

And homeowners tight on space have found multiple purposes for rooms — one such example is the closet that doubles as an office, or a “cloffice.”

Shiny wood floor in an empty room
Many homeowners love the look of hardwood floors, but not the high price. (©Iriana Shiyan – stock.adobe.com)

Hardwood Floor vs. Tile vs. Vinyl

Hardwood floors are timeless, but many homeowners are looking for other materials that resemble traditional hardwoods — especially if the alternative is less expensive.

For instance, many homeowners are considering ceramic planks that look like wood. Luxury vinyl has become increasingly popular as well. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and easy to replace if it does get scratched or damaged.

Concrete countertop in an outdoor kitchen
Creating an outdoor kitchen is a popular way to extend living space beyond the home’s interior.

Remodeling Your Home’s Outdoor Living Space

Jill tells us that homeowners have really stepped their game up when it comes to remodeling outdoor spaces.

In fact, “Traditional Home” and “Better Homes & Gardens” published magazines last year focused on enhancing the backyard. They are packed with tips on smoothing the transition from indoors to outdoors.

Remember: For many people, your home doesn’t end with your back door. It extends to your backyard. Popular ways to make the most of that space include creating an outdoor kitchen and areas for sitting and lounging.

Listen to this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast for more home improvement tips!

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