When we use the hot water in our new home, there is a very strong smelly odor. Please help. –Dean

Hi Dean,

There are several possibilities for the unpleasant odor in your water, but the reason you notice it more in hot water than cold is that the high temperature vaporizes some of the water into the air as it comes out of the sink or shower.

If the water supply lines in your new home are plastic—such as PVC and CPVC—the odor may be coming from chemicals present in the new pipe as well as the solvent based glue that was used to join it together. Hot water increases the amount of chemicals released into the water from the plastic. The odor in water caused by plastic pipes is not considered a health hazard and should diminish over time.

If the new plumbing isn’t the problem, the smell may be coming from the water itself. In that case you should have the water tested or contact your local water supplier and have them look into the problem. Chemicals, such as chlorine, that are added to municipal water supplies may also impart an odor that is more easily detected in hot water.

If you are on a well, the groundwater from it may be rich in minerals or other natural chemicals, like sulphur, which can result in an unpleasant odor that is more easily detected when the water is heated.

If the water has been tested and is considered safe to drink, you might want consider installing a filter to remove the odor and chemicals from your drinking water. Whole house water filters are available to treat all the water coming into the house.

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