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April 23, 2024

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    If you are kind of allergic to the strong scents of citronella oil or just not in the mood for some tiki torch romance, the best and most practical way of keeping mosquitoes away could be an outdoor mosquito fan.

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    Differences between a regular fan and an outdoor mosquito fan?

    An outdoor fan is a special type of cooling equipment designed for outdoor use. An outdoor fan is designed to withstand extreme environmental elements. It is often equipped with special features that make it effectively operational despite unavoidable constraints that come with outdoor use. Outdoor fans come in various styles and sizes to match unique user preferences at a given time.

    Below is a neat video showing you how powerful a well-placed fan can be. Of course, the below method is a more DIY approach, but it gives you a sense of what to expect and how everything works.

    On the other hand, an outdoor mosquito fan is a bug trap designed to catch and trap various types of outdoor bugs especially insects. Sometimes called as a mosquito killer lamp, the mosquito fan works by luring the mosquitoes into the device through a UV LED light and then sucks the insects into the one way trap usually located at the bottom of the unit through the aid of a powerful suction fan.

    Outdoor mosquito fans are a clean and effective alternative in eliminating those unwanted guests in your garden party. They don’t require using harmful chemicals and pesticides. It works quietly without the zapping sounds and they don’t give strong and irritating scents.

    These are the benefits they have over regular fans:

    Enjoying the tranquility of your backyard doesn’t mean that you’ll be staying in one spot all throughout. An ideal outdoor mosquito fan needs to be portable so that you won’t have a hard time carrying it across the corners of your garden or patio. A portable mosquito killer should be light and must have an alternative power source and/or connection for ease of use.

    Even though not all outdoor mosquito fans are equipped with this special feature, it still helps to go for a rechargeable outdoor fan especially if you plan on spending a night or two in your garden or beyond. In the first place, it’s not like you have multiple sockets and power plugs readily available in all corners of your home’s exterior. Furthermore, using extension cords outdoors may lead to accidents especially if you have children in your property. With a rechargeable mosquito killer, all you have to do is charge the device and you can carry it with you wherever you go with ease.

    Rechargeable outdoor fans come with a LED UV light component which is responsible for attracting mosquitoes and other bags straight into the trap. Regular LED lights bulbs emit very little light in the UV spectrum rendering them virtually invisible to mosquitoes. UV LED Lights on the other hand are bulbs specially developed to emit UV or the so called blue light which have been proven by entomologists to attract mosquitoes and various types of bugs.

    Outdoor mosquito fans vs bug zappers

    There are two types of devices commonly used to exterminate both indoor and outdoor mosquitoes.

    These are bug zappers and the outdoor mosquito fans – both are special types of mosquito traps and both types of mosquito traps use UV LED bulbs in order to attract mosquitoes.

    Did You Know

    Bug zappers tend to attract and kill beneficial insects by accident! Fans avoid the good bugs slightly better.

    But which is more effective?

    Bug Zapper is the common name for “Electrical Discharge Insect Control System”. It got its name from the zapping sound that it makes everytime it kills a bug or a mosquito.

    The bug zapper is typically made of four main parts. The housing unit, the fluorescent UV light bulb, mesh nets, and the transformer.

    • House Unit/Casing: Usually made of plastic and electrically grounded as a safety precaution.
    • UV Light Bulb: Fluorescent light bulb that can emit ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes.
    • Mesh Netting: Network of mesh grids with gaps that are typically the size of most indoor and outdoor insects meant to catch the bugs.
    • Transformer: Heart of the unit is the transformer which is responsible for sending the needed jolt of electricity into mesh grid network.

    The bug zapper works by attracting mosquitoes and various types of bugs through the UV light its bulb emits. The insect is lured into entering the trap. As it enters through that tiny gap between the grids, the so called electric circuit is completed and 2,000 volts of electricity travels through the insect’s body – instantly killing it by electrocution.

    Bug zappers are quite effective in luring mosquitoes into the trap. The downside of it is that it also attracts other types of bugs/insects – including the beneficial ones.

    These are your good ol’ neighbors that help develop and maintain your garden such as the lady bug, the bumble bee, the fly predator, and the soldier bug among many others. Another setback is the so called bug zap mist as a result of vaporized bug parts.

    The outdoor mosquito fan works almost the same way as bug zappers. The only difference is that in place of an electrically powered network of mesh grids, the mosquito fan comes with a powerful fan which sucks incoming mosquitoes and bugs into the holding compartment.

    These giant suckers (from a mosquito’s point of view) come in various construction styles and sizes.

    Some have a protective top shaped like a roof while others are just cylindrical in shape. Nonetheless, it is recommended for these outdoor mosquito fans to be placed or secured in covered outdoor spaces like your deck or patio.

    Most outdoor mosquito fans have the UV emitting light bulbs to attract mosquitoes as well as other types of bugs. It comes with a powerful fan just directly underneath the bulbs. At the bottom part of the device is a collection tray where mosquitoes are trapped until they get dehydrated and die.

    The advantage of outdoor mosquito fans is that it is a silent killer. It works quietly without the zapping sounds bug zappers usually make.

    This makes mosquito fans ideal for indoor use especially in the bedroom.  Most mosquito fan traps are also a lot cheaper than their electrically charged opponents.

    What about mosquito fan maintenance?

    Outdoor mosquito fans have detachable components.

    This makes it easy for the owner to use and maintain their unit. Holding trays are easily removable. Simply, unload the dead bugs and mosquitos then wash off accumulated dirt.

    It is also advisable to clean the fan and light bulb components because dirt can easily accumulate on them as well. This will help maintain the optimum efficiency of your ever-reliable outdoor mosquito fan.

    Top 5 Best Mosquito Fans

    In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.

    1. Teva Bug Repellent Fan (our top pick)
    2. iLIVING Indoor/Outdoor Fan (a good alternative)
    3. Blue Rhino SkeeterVac (if money is no object)
    4. Treva Bug Repellent Fan
    5. DynaTrap Outdoor Mosquito Trap

    Teva Bug Repellent Fan

    Keep mosquitoes and other flying pests away with the Teva Bug Repellent fan. It uses a pair of soft blades to move the air and refract the light: two things flying insects hate the most. Mosquitoes stay far away because they become disoriented the closer they get to the fan.  This eco-friendly, chemical-free solution is entirely safe to use around children. The soft blades are not harmful when touched, and the motor will stop if it senses any contact with them.

    The Teva Bug Repellent fan works on all these pests:

    • Mosquitoes
    • Flies
    • Bees and wasps
    • Gnat
    • Moths

    You can use the fan anywhere, including eating areas, barbeques, and picnics. It’s battery-powered, so there are no messy candles or electrical cords to worry about. And it’s lightweight and portable.

    Environmentally friendly, no pesticides necessary
    Portable, take anywhere
    Battery operated
    Safe to use around children
    Not rechargeable, have to replace batteries eventually

    iLIVING Indoor/Outdoor Fan

    Mosquitoes hate fast-moving air. That’s why this wall-mounted fan from iLIVING is the perfect addition to any enclosed patio or porch.

    The powder-coated aluminum 18-inch fan blades offer optimal air circulation along with its powerful, variable-speed motor that can be adjusted with a pull of a chain.

    The iLIVING Indoor/Outdoor Fan features a sealed motor to withstand almost any weather condition, and it comes with a convenient wall-mount so you can place it anywhere.

    Optimal airflow to discourage mosquitoes and flying insects
    Variable speeds you control with the pull of a chain
    Can be converted into a misting fan
    Stands up to most weather conditions
    Installation instructions aren’t clear

    Blue Rhino SkeeterVac

    Blue Rhino SkeeterVac is a popular high-end mosquito fan and vacuum.

    The product works by attracting mosquitoes through the use of CO2 around the target area.

    There’s a built in fan and tack paper to ensure you’re catching everything that comes near. Something we also liked was that it is a cordless unit making it a portable unit.

    Make sure to follow the owner care instructions to ensure a long life for your unit. For example, you should not leave the unit out in the rain and it should be regularly cleaned after use.

    Smart Light Sensor Control for automated operation
    Chemical free, radiation free, without any zapping sound
    Cordless and very portable
    Propane not included
    Needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure a long life

    Treva Bug Repellent Fan

    Keep your picnics and outdoor activities bug-free with this tabletop insect repeller from Treva. It uses soft fan blades that are safe to use around children, and they have a reflective pattern that bugs hate.

    The Treva Bug Repellent Fan is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Also, it’s battery-operated and portable enough to take almost anywhere. Just flip the switch and enjoy bug-free living!

    Chemical-free solution for bugs
    Easy to use
    Safe around children and pets
    Portable, take anywhere
    Does not cover a large area
    Batteries may run out quickly

    DynaTrap Outdoor Mosquito Trap

    Get rid of unwanted flying pests with the DynaTrap Outdoor Mosquito Trap. The irresistible UV attractant lures mosquitoes quickly. And then, the powerful suction fan pulls them in and traps them!

    It’s simple to use. Just plug it into any wall outlet, and you’re ready to enjoy a bug-free existence. Also, the attached hook allows you to hang it almost anywhere.

    The DynaTrap Outdoor Mosquito trap is constructed from weather-resistant, durable materials. In addition, it comes with a 30-day full replacement warranty.

    Fast results
    Simple operation
    No messy glue boards to buy
    Water-resistant and durable
    Difficult to find replacement bulbs

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