Green Mosquito Repellent

As promised, I wanted to tell you about Danny’s use of celery juicing in an upcoming Thinking Green segment. Believe it or not, this really works. I know because I tested it. This is all based on a study done in Thailand using celery extract to deter mosquitoes. Nonetheless, I have to admit it was pretty funny watching Danny smear celery juice on his arm.

The thing is, these segments are limited to only 50 seconds in length, so it’s hard to get all the pertinent information out sometimes. I wanted to take a moment to clarify this process.

The celery extract will work for a very short time. Certainly, you can juice the celery stalk and rub the liquid on yourself using a piece of cloth.

If you use it in a spray bottle, though, do NOT just pour it directly into the bottle. You’ll need to strain the liquid at least two times to remove the excess pulp. Otherwise, it will clog the spray bottle and make it useless. I just used an old piece of cotton cloth from a torn tee shirt.

The lemon eucalyptus oil works a lot better. The product I have is called Repel, and I picked it up at a local Walgreen’s. Be aware, though, that it creates a tingling sensation on your skin, almost to the point that it feels like it’s burning. You’ll also have a very unique smell that others will comment on.

Still, I’d much rather go through that than to rub a DEET infested treatment into my pores.


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