How to Install a Retractable Awning on Your Home

Retractable awnings on a patio or deck allow you to control the amount of shade or sun either manually or with the touch of a button. They can be installed on the side of your house in a few hours to provide a shade canopy for up to 10 feet. Here’s how to go about installing a retractable awning:

  • Mark the location of the awning on the side of the house, making sure it is level.
  • Pop a caulk line to mark the position for the support brackets.
  • Attach the brackets to the house even with the chalk line, making sure they are plumb.
  • Lift the awning into place and bolt it to the brackets.
  • For motorized awnings, plug the cord into an electrical outlet and use the remote control to extend and retract the awning.


  1. We have a wood frame house with brick skin that goes 4 courses higher than the door frames we wish to fit a heavy 4 metre Awning retractable but are worried as the brackets will be located on the last course but one worried weight will bring brick work down how can we add added protection to carry weight

  2. We are having problems installing our new instahut awning 4 x2.5 .
    The motor does not work on extension but will rewind but not auto stop…!! Help please
    It’s on the verandah and the hand crank is extremely awkward to use. But it’s the way to get the blind out

    We have another to put up but have had such problems with the first it’s scary

  3. Installing 40 awning.
    Is there a set spacing for the 12 brackets?
    There are two 20′ sections, can I install one and slide second one in place or should I put sections together on ground.

    • Hi, Bobby!
      It’s hard to visualize this, and it would be difficult to offer advice without seeing the setup in person.
      We always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  4. We are looking for an awning to be fitted to our Community Centre. Approx 5m. Can we get it fitted? How much will it cost? We are all pensioners and we have been offered some money to use as we would think it would benefit our community

    • Hi, Mrs. P!
      We don’t offer project estimates or quotes on construction materials, as this varies by location, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for suppliers and accurate, up-to-date information.
      Good luck!

  5. I have a 1980 Commadore single wide mobile home… it is older and we know they are not made of 2×4 construction. Can I install an awning on is safely or will it be too heavy. I just have no clue.

    • Hi, JoAnna,
      Whether you can install an awning on your mobile home depends on the awning size and your home’s configuration.
      First, ask the awning manufacturer for its recommendation, because they know where their product should be installed better than anybody.
      Second, before purchasing anything, locate the wall studs. The awning must attach to studs — never siding.
      Third, local the electrical wires in your walls. The awning must not interfere with them, or there could be an electrical fire hazard.
      Good luck!


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