Heartland Pergolas are known for manufacturing highly-customized and affordable pergolas that are configured according to your specifications. They take into account your outdoor living space and design need to create a unique product that can provide shade and enhance your landscape at the same time.

What sets them apart from the competition is that Heartland Pergolas is a family-owned business that started 12 years ago on the premise of providing quality for a great price.

Their customers also appreciate the company for making the installation process a quick DIY with pergola kits that come with videos, PDFs, pictures, and detailed how-to explanations. These custom pergolas are not only easy on your pockets but are also simple to maintain and add to the appeal of your outdoor living space.

Products By Heartland Pergolas

The company is your one-stop-shop for all your pergola-related needs. Their lineup includes the following products:

The Heartland Pergolas’ Vinyl Pergola Kit offers these features:

  • Maximum shade coverage with internal aluminum reinforcements for add-on drop shades or privacy paneling
  • A high-strength aluminum framework forms the entire pergola structure, which means the pergola kits will not sag or crack
  • Low-maintenance vinyl pergola exterior that does not require frequent cleaning or painting. Rinse the pergola with a garden hose to clean it
  • Expert customer service dedicated to offering the best experience even after the installation completes. They also respond promptly to your queries
  • “Design your Pergola” tool and pergola design ideas to choose the size, shade, color, and post style for an entirely customized pergola kit.
  • A one-step installation process that can be installed by a DIYer or a professional contractor
  • Clearly-written installation guides and YouTube installation video series that offers step by step instructions on installing the pergola kit
  • Offers free shipping for customers living in the Continental U.S

Heartland pergola offers attached pergola kits for homeowners that have a small patio or deck used for barbecue. These vinyl pergola kits provide shade and enhance the beauty of your patio or deck for spending quality time with your friends.

With these attached pergola kits, you can dedicate the space rarely used for family and friends gathering.

source: heartlandpergolas.com

This nifty little kit is great for adding beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. They are entirely customizable to make them as fancy or as simple according to your budget and requirements.

It can also be installed by you or a professional contractor, leaving you to spend quality time with your friends and family without worrying about how to put up a 12×12 pergola safely.

source: heartlandpergolas.com

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and affordable accent for windows or even your garage, this is it. They are stain-resistant, which means you do not have to clean them or paint them.

Moreover, the elongated vinyl rafters are made from high-quality aluminum that offers strength, durability, and long life. Furthermore, the fasteners that come with the kit are made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant.

source: heartlandpergolas.com

Heartland pergola sends the eyebrow pergolas with a simple template, CAD drawing, and installation instructions to help you quickly install the pergola in no time.

The eyebrow pergola also maintains its beauty for years, but it can easily be cleaned by a ten-minute power wash twice a year.

Heartland Pergolas – Industry Standard For Low-Maintenance Vinyl Pergola Kits

Heartland Pergolas believe in accentuating your outdoor space and adding more appeal to it through low-maintenance and economical pergola kits.

These pergolas can be customized according to every size and specification. They’ll even trim yours to fit your outdoor space.

Heartland Pergola leads the market with its excellent customer support that promptly responds to your questions and ensures that you have no queries throughout the purchasing journey.

Moreover, they offer instructions through YouTube videos, PDFs, and pictures to streamline the pergola installation process and make it easy for you. Their pergolas use the highest-quality aluminum framework that offers structural integrity and can be easily attached to a deck, slab, and even an existing pillar.

The vinyl used in the pergolas offers a life-time warranty and assurance of no discoloration or chalking. All the pergola kits of Heartland Pergola are engineer approved and accredited by the International Building Code. 

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