Martha Stewart Living Metallic and Textured Specialty Paints

Martha Stewart Living has added two specialty finish paints for your home:

  • Precious Metals: Paints have a distinctive metallic sheen and are available in over 20 colors.
  • Potter’s Clay: Thicker paints in over 20 earth tone colors that can be used to produce textured, faux finishes.

Martha Stewart Living paints are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

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You know I’m always looking for inspiration, especially color inspiration when I want to change the color on my walls. And I’ve gone no further than Martha Stewart Living, because she’s come out with two finishes that I think you’ll really like.

First of all she’s come out with precious metals. Now, here’s some samples. Look at all the different colors you have to choose from, but each of these have that metallic look. Let me just show you how that reflects the light. It’s so pretty and has a really deep rich color in that.

Now, my favorite honestly is this right here, it’s the finish called potter’s clay. Now look at all the color choices you have here. And what’s so neat about it, is that it’s a very thick paint. Take a look at the texture of this paint, it looks like melted ice cream to me. It looks really good.

But, once you apply it to the walls, what you can do is take a brush or comb and just kind of streak through it, or do whatever kind of faux look you want to create that look. These are just two great ideas and neat ways to really transform the look of your room.


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