Paint trends come and go, but some shades are timeless for any accent wall.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf has tackled countless home projects as co-host of “Today’s Homeowner.” She also renovated her first home and is quickly updating her mid-century ranch-style house.

She’s spanned the paint-color spectrum over the years, but she keeps coming back to these three tried-and-true hues.

1. Not Quite Black

Cracked Pepper is a go-to neutral that pairs perfectly with almost any color. This dark option from Behr is just a shade off from black.

“I’ve used Cracked Pepper from Behr on several projects. It looks good in natural light and artificial (fluorescent) light too!” Chelsea says.

Bookshelf wall with TV painted with Behr Cracked Pepper.

It’s perfect for when you need a dark color for an accent wall but don’t want a harsh black.

For instance, Cracked Pepper makes a wall bookshelf and TV center (pictured above) stand out in a bright sunroom we transformed for homeowners Chuck and Margy.

Shed in backyard painted with Behr Cracked Pepper.

Cracked Pepper also works well outside. In this backyard makeover episode, we gave the shed a major update with just a coat of the versatile peppery color.

2. Finding Your Zen

Zen, also from Behr, is a neutral bluish-green color reminiscent of seafoam. This natural hue creates a calming atmosphere in any room. 

Trim on ceiling in Chelsea Lipford Wolfe living room

Zen looks great in work and home environments. Chelsea uses this shade in her office at Today’s Homeowner and as an accent on the wall trim and ceiling grid in her living room.

Vanity in Chelsea Lipford Wolfe's hall bathroom

In fact, she likes this color family so much, she used Zen’s “Irish sister” Recycled Glass on her bathroom vanity. It’s slightly more green and one shade lighter on the color swatch. 

3. Forest Feels

Seeking something in sage? Chelsea likes to use Eucalyptus Wreath from Behr. This shade is just green enough to give you a forest feel without being too intense.

Chelsea Lipford Wolfe master bedroom with Behr Eucalyptus Wreath accent wall

Chelsea used Eucalyptus Wreath for an accent wall in her first home’s master bedroom. A bathroom addition left the room with only one window, so painting one wall gave the room a pop of color and complemented the natural lighting.

Accent wall in dining area painted Behr Eucalyptus Wreath

When we gave homeowner Barbara a cozy den makeover, we used Eucaplytus Wreath for an accent wall in the dining area. It enhanced the room’s design and complemented natural lighting streaming in from a large window. 

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