Importance of Preparation and Priming Before Painting

To prevent peeling and allow paint to last longer, it’s important to scrap and sand outside wood surfaces, then prime with a quality exterior primer, such as Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus Primer, before painting.

Priming exterior surfaces:

  • Seals unfinished wood.
  • Allows paint to bond properly.
  • Reduces the chance of peeling.

Interior surfaces should also be primed to prevent stains and bright colors from bleeding through. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


I’ll bet there’s not a house in the country that doesn’t need at least a little bit of painting. Now, when you’re talking about painting, that’s one of those chores that if you do it right the first time, you won’t have to do it near as often, it’ll look a lot better, and you’ll end up saving time and money.

Here’s an example where someone probably didn’t do their painting job the right way. They probably didn’t prime it properly. Now, why should you prime? Well, in a situation like this, it will seal the wood off, and give a great surface for the topcoat of paint to stick to. Also, it will prevent this kind of unsightly thing where it’s peeling and flaking and blistering, you won’t have to worry about that.

Now interior priming is also very important, because if you have any type of water stain, you can block out that water stain before you put your topcoat on. And also if you’re trying to paint over some of those bold colors that were popular for so many years, it’s essential to use primer to block out that color. Also your finish coat will look a lot more vibrant because it won’t be influenced by whatever color you had before you started.

Now, the primer that I’m going to use here – you can also use it on the interior – is one that is water-based, so you can clean up with soap and water. It also dries in only an hour, so that won’t take me long to take care of this problem, even though I have to do some scraping, sanding, then priming before I put the coat on.



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