How to Transplant Roses

Transplanting roses is trickier than transplanting other plant varieties.

If you’re not careful, your rose bush won’t survive. Here’s how to do it.

Steps to Transplanting your Roses

  • Choose a time of year when the rose is dormant. Typically, this happens during the late fall and winter, when roses are sort of in a hibernation mode to prepare for spring blooms.
  • Pick a rose bush that has at least three strong canes.
  • Thoroughly soak the rosebush with water. This will loosen up the soil so you won’t disturb the roots when transplanting it.
  • Prune the back and spray it with dormant spray. This spray will keep fungus and mildew from growing on the rose bush, as well as prevent pests from nesting and laying eggs on it.
  • Dig a large hole to receive the rosebush. The hole should be large enough to accommodate the plant’s roots.  
  • Dig up the bush and set it in the hole. Position the rose in the center of the hole with the crown at the proper depth. The bud union is the point at the bottom of the bush where new stems emerge. Spread out the plant’s roots around the hole.
  • Mix 30 percent potting soil with the native soil. The potting soil will give the bush enough nutrients to take root in the new location but still allow the roots to spread beyond the nutrient-rich soil in the hole.
  • Fill the hole around the bush with the soil mixture. Tamp the soil down so it’s even with the crown.
  • Water the rosebush thoroughly.

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  1. I have recently moved and brought my roses with me. They are on pots and have been for a couple to several years. I am wanting to plant them in the yard of my new home. I have also bought a few more at a home improvement store. They are blooming at this time. Do I have to wait till they are dormant to plant them? I was hoping to get them out of there pots and into a raised flower bed soon to enjoy them.

  2. My daughter has some miniature roses, they have gotten a few buds on them. When is a good time to transplant them to a larger pot and what kind of soil and rose food should she use. We live in North Florida, Jacksonville area.

  3. We have some miniature roses that we bought, they are starting to bloom, we are wanting to transplant them into a larger pot. When is it a good time to transplant them and what kind of soil and rose food do we need to buy. When will it be a good time to transplant them, we live in North Florida near the Florida, Georgia State line. Any help you can give us will be of great help. Thank you very much.


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