How to Cut and Install Retaining Wall Topper Stones

Topper stones make a wall look finished but have to be cut to fit a curved wall.

How do I add square topper stones to a curved retaining wall? And how do I attach the topper stones so that they don’t get knocked off? -Paul

Those wedge-shaped stackable stones are great for building curved retaining walls, but once complete it leaves you with unsightly gaps. For a finished look, you can add topper stones, but it poses some challenges since:

    • Topper stones are usually square, not wedge-shaped, so if you want a smooth top you’ll need to cut them to fit the curve. If your curve is very gradual, you might be able to get away with spreading out the small gaps so they aren’t noticeable.
  • Topper stones are also a bit wider and lighter than the wall blocks, so it’s easy to kick them out of place or bump them with a lawn mower. I have topper stones on my wall, and I’m always knocking them loose and having to put them back.

Instead of my kick-and-replace method, there are better ways of finishing off your retaining wall! Try these tips.

Use a Masonry Saw

Retaining wall blocks can be cut using a masonry chisel and mallet, but for the topper stones you may want to spring for a diamond blade masonry saw. Similar to a wet tile saw, masonry saws make very clean, straight cuts that will give a nice finishing touch to your wall. Masonry saws can be rented at your local rental center – all you’ll need is an extension cord and a garden hose to provide lubricating water.

The bottom stones will be cut along the lines, and the top one will be left square.

How to Measure the Cut

If you enjoy geometry, you can cut each stone at an angle to curve along your wall. For a faster job that looks just as neat, try this approach:

    • Step 1: At the beginning of your wall, place stones #1 and #3 in their places. You’re going to be cutting both of these.
    • Step 2: Lay stone #2 on top of them, with the front corners lined up. You’re NOT going to be cutting this stone, you’re just using it as a cutting pattern.
    • Step 3: Draw lines on stones #1 and #3 where the top stone overlaps them.
    • Step 4: Cut stones #1 and #3 along your lines.
    • Step 5: Replace the stones on the wall, and now stone #2 should fit neatly between them.
  • Step 6: Now put stone #4 on top of stones #3 and #5, and repeat. The odd-numbered stones will be cut on both edges, and the even-numbered stones will be left uncut.

The back view shows the overlap of the stones and the cutting line being marked.

Adhere the Stones

Once your topper stones are cut and fit, you can keep them in place using masonry adhesive. Masonry adhesive usually comes in a tube for use with a caulk gun and should be available at your home improvement store. Examples include:

  • Titebond Landscape Retaining Wall Adhesive
  • Quikrete Polyurethane Construction Adhesive
  • SRW Retaining Wall & Paver Adhesive

For a very solid wall, you can also use the adhesive to attach the stackable blocks themselves.


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  1. Hello, I want to concrete inside my block wall and it is stepped down, haw can I get an edge that will hold my concrete inside the top edge of the blocks.

  2. I built a retainer wall and wanting to put 12 x 12 x 2 concrete blocks on it and need to know if there’s a way to rough cut the edges for a rough finish look. the top will be flat.

  3. Hi,
    Need help quick? 🙂
    I currently have curved landscaping bricks that are making up my large flower bed. I dont have the $ to spend on square bricks so I want to use these curved bricks to redo my flower bed. What is the best way to cut them so that I can get more squared corners instead of curved corners on my flower bed? Please help! Also, most of them are glued, what is the best way to pop off the glue? Thank you for your time, Nicole

  4. Do you have a list of references of contractors that install retaining walls? We live in Baldwin County. We have a hilly back yard and have a lake in the back of our home. We are looking for a way to get more useable space in the back yard and want to better manage the landscape. This slope is dangerous to mow because of the steepness. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I used extra brick from a chimney project to use as a garden boarder (her idea!). I bought composite trim to cap the ‘wall’ but of course I did not create a straight wall. Is there an easy way to cut the trim to follow the curve of the wall similar to the blocks described above?

    Thanks from a pretty incompetent DYIer.

  6. I have built a retaining wall around my flower bed. Using landscaping blocks, I first first put down a and sand base going 2 course high, all the while using a level front to back and side to side trying to keep it as level as possible. On top I am using a 8″x16x2 patio paver as a cap. I plan on using a adhevsive to hold this paver in place. The problem is I’m getting some wobble on this cap. Will the adhevsive take this wobble out, or do I have to shim the cap to get the wobble out and then glue. Also should I glue the retaining wall blocks as I build the wall.

  7. Hi!! I’m looking for instructions how to cut large cider block to create a pitched roof look that would discourage someone hopping the fence to re – burglarize my home! It was used in the inner city in a Sect 8 mini development. When I saw that, I thought that’s what I want! Anyone try to swing a leg over.. PAIN! We’re not allowed barbed wire or concertina wire either! PLEASE help! My guy is goo macho to go to the block co. to ask how yo cut it!! They offered to share… but he won’t go!! He wants to sing it!! NO!! I don’t want to reinvent the wheel!! Thanks… sooooo much!!


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