Battery-powered mowers are growing in popularity and performance is improving. Here’s why Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL Cordless Walk Behind Dual Battery Self-Propelled Mower is the perfect lawn mower for an easy, battery-powered mowing experience.

This mower’s brushless motor operates on two M18 REDLITHIUM batteries, delivering more maximum torque than a 200cc gas motor. It makes noticeably less noise and vibration than a gas mower, and it doesn’t require gas, so there is no tedious refilling to worry about. The rapid charger of the M18 FUEL Cordless Walk Behind Dual Battery Self-Propelled Mower allows for a quick recharge and easy re-use.

The Milwaukee Lawn Mower’s Cutting-Edge Features

The mower’s steel deck design and higher blade speed allow for better airflow. Also, the adjustable lift lets you choose your mowing height based on your lawn’s needs.

The mower’s design features ensure a high-quality lawn. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Whether mulching, bagging, or using the side discharge, better airflow and increased lift give you a quality cut.

Control and Convenience

Pulling a starter cord is very tiresome and can be frustrating. Eliminate the hassle with the instant throttle response, allowing both the lawn mower blade and drive motors to reach full throttle in under 1 second. This feature improves control and convenience.

Two M18 REDLITHIUM batteries allow you to mow your lawn for up to 60 minutes at a time, and get rid of oil and gas messes upon reuse. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

For more control, the Active Speed Management Paddles allow users to easily adjust their walking pace while in operation.

Another bonus of this Milwaukee lawn mower are the front and side LED lights. This feature provides you with 180° visibility in low-light scenarios.

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Find the M18 FUEL Cordless Walk Behind Dual Battery Self-Propelled Mower by Milwaukee at The Home Depot.


Jodi Marks: Electric mowers are becoming more and more popular. And as they are, they’re getting better and better. And Milwaukee has a great example right here. Look how big this mower is. This isn’t some tiny little electric mower. This is a full mac-daddy.

Now, it operates on two M 18 Milwaukee batteries. So you pop them in place right there. Now, once you’ve turned it on, you are going to have more maximum torque than a 200 CC engine.

That’s a lot. That’s typically on a riding lawnmower. But let me show you some other options. Of course, when you turn it on, look, if it starts to get dusk or you want to finish that project at night, you just pop on the headlights and you can finish your project. Another thing I like about this is very easy to raise and lower the blades so that you get the right height on your grass. And because it’s electric, no more pull starts.

You gotta love that. 

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