Low Maintenance Lawn

Lawns by nature require some work, but you can reduce the amount of work and time spent by following a few simple guidelines.

  • Good soil is the start, so aerate the lawn. This process removes three inch plugs of soil which allow water, air, and nutrients to go straight to the plant’s root zone.
  • Mulching the clippings when you mow not only saves the work of bagging, but also feeds the lawn with nitrogen from decomposing clippings.
  • Finally, don’t mow too closely. Let the grass grow to 2″ to 3″ before you cut the top third off of the grass blades.


  1. iam curious to know if it is ok to aerate a sod lawn? i have zoysia and have read numerous articles on the care of zoysia, and all have a different idea about aeration. can you help? is it good for zoysia or not?


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