Protecting Stucco from a Lawn Trimmer or Edger

What is an inexpensive way to put a border around my house to avoid the damage to my stucco done by a lawn trimmer or edger? -Pat

Certainly, if you have stucco on your home’s exterior, you don’t want to use any kind of destructive lawn equipment on it that may damage the finish. Yet, if you do not have planting beds around your house, you also want the lawn to have a nice, neat edge where it meets the house. Your idea of a border is great, because it will create a buffer that keeps lawn equipment at a safe distance. Here are some budget-conscious ideas for a border:

  • Create an almost-invisible border about one foot wide, by removing the grass, putting down landscape fabric (you can buy a small roll and cut it lengthwise into one-foot strips), then applying gravel or stone that matches your stucco or foundation color. From a distance, it will barely be seen, but you’ll have a safe buffer between the lawn and the house. If you make sure the gravel is at ground level, you could mow right over the edge and not even need to use a trimmer or edger.
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  • For a more decorative border, consider creating larger mulch beds that follow the natural curves of your yard. You’ll be surprised how much this type of border will enhance the yard – even without planting any shrubs or flowers, it will give the appearance of pleasing lines and curves that will show off your lawn. If you use mulch, make sure to leave a few inches between the mulch and stucco, to prevent the stucco from wicking moisture into your house’s wooden structure.
  • Move the lawn edge away from the house a few inches, and treat the area between the edge and the house with an herbicide to kill the grass. Again, the few inches of bare ground will barely be visible, but you’ll probably have to reapply the herbicide every so often.
  • Install commercial lawn edging against your house, to protect the stucco surface. Lawn edging is available in metal, stone, plastic, and wood, with many economical choices available. Make sure you choose a product that is durable enough to withstand the lawn trimmer or edger.
  • Line your foundation with stone (or landscape timbers, though they will not last as long), or have a commercial edging company install a permanent concrete edge (which looks like a curb) around your house to protect the stucco. This is a more expensive, yet long-lasting, solution.
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  1. First I want to thank you for your advice!! I sent that question a few months ago, but figured I missed the answer because I don’t get to see Danny Lipford show very often. Then in your newsletter I read about the website and found the answer to my question. I was so surprised and pleased. I have applied a herbicide around the house and am amazed how well it works, but felt that it looked bad, so was hoping for a different way. You’ve given me some good ideas. Thanks again!

  2. This is a great article and something that most people do not think about when they have stucco on their homes. This will also cut down on potential staining from dirt that splashes up if landscaping was not present. Great information!


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