How to Use Solar Energy in Your Home

Solar photovoltaic panels on roof.
Solar photovoltaic panels on roof of home.

Is there any cheaper way to have solar power instead of buying electricity from the power company? Everything that I have look at is priced for lottery winners. -Jeff

Hi Jeff,
Using solar power generated from photovoltaic cells to power your home is still an expensive option compared with buying electricity from the utility company, but breakthroughs in production and design should make it more affordable in the future.

To find out what it’s like to power your home using alternative energy alone, check out the article Living Off the Grid on our website.

Until the cost of photovoltaic cells comes down, you’re probably better off putting your efforts into reducing the amount of energy you’re using instead. See our articles on Clean and Green Energy Saving Ideas and CFL light bulbs for some practical ways to cut your energy usage.

A solar water heater is another way to use the power of the sun to save energy. While not inexpensive, there are some DIY versions available like the Hot2O that are worth considering. Our article on Choosing a Hot Water Heater will get you started.

If you live in a colder climate, passive solar heating can be a cost efficient way to help heat your home. Though it’s easier to design for solar heating when building a new home, it may possible to retrofit an existing home for it.



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