How to Adjust Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

If your kitchen cabinets have adjustable hinges, you may need to tweak them from time to time so the doors will close properly. Watch this video to find out which screws to turn to achieve the perfect fit on your cabinet doors.


  1. It would be nice to have the text along with the video. Some of us that can read would be able to get the info faster than waiting for the video download and then playing through…

  2. You only describe two motions. The third screw on the LHS was ignored. Is this the adjustment to separate double doors that are touching?
    Thanks Bruce

  3. You only show one kind of hinge on both of your videos ie how to install and how to adjust. I have hinges where there r 2 holes predrilled in the cabinet frames and they have a built in screw with a green sleeve around it. You don’t address these at all.

  4. Yes, the screw on the front on the cabinet side hinge is what I need help with! Some of my cabinet doors just open by themselves and won’t stay shut. Some cabinet doors fall off the hinge. Some with double doors get out of adjustment and hit against the other. I need to know how to fix these very irritating problems!


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