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May 9, 2023

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    American Standard has been an integral part of the home heating and cooling industry since 1929. With nearly a century of experience, the company now manufactures HVAC equipment for homeowners across the entire country.

    Its air conditioners are known for being a budget brand that still maintains good efficiency ratings. Its prices are toward the lower end of most other companies, and the quality you get is decent, especially for the money. Plus, it ranks among the best HVAC companies in the nation for its warranty coverage.

    In this American Standard air conditioner review, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this brand before you choose it for your home. That includes specific pricing information, efficiency ratings of its AC systems, customer service, warranty coverage, and more.

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    • American Standard is known as a budget brand that still maintains good efficiency ratings on its air conditioners.
    • The company offers only a handful of AC options to choose from, much fewer than other companies.
    • You’ll typically pay between $3,500 and $6,100 to install a new American Standard AC.

    Our Review of American Standard Air Conditioners

    American Standard is a good option for homeowners looking to buy a new air conditioner that provides good quality but don’t want high upfront costs.

    American Standard AC units have SEER ratings (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of up to 21.5, which is slightly above average. Perhaps most importantly, the company offers a five-year base warranty with all of its equipment, features a ten-year warranty with product registration, and has a history of responding quickly to warranty claims.

    American Standard has just seven air conditioning units to choose from, but they provide a good range of quality and efficiency to meet a number of different budgets. We strongly recommend either the AccuComfort Platinum 18 or the AccuComfort Platinum 20. These two models are the most expensive offerings from American Standard, but they offer the highest efficiency ratings and the most precise control over your interior climate.

    Pros and Cons of American Standard Air Conditioner Units


    • Offers good efficiency ratings up to 21.5 SEER to save you money on running costs
    • Prices are affordable, and the quality you get for the cost is good
    • Warranty coverage is in line with the industry standard, and the company has a history of responding quickly to warranty claims
    • Systems run as low as 57 decibels, which is relatively quiet for an AC system


    • Only carries seven models of AC, while most competitors carry double that or more
    • ACs are available nationwide, but there aren’t American Standard dealers in every major city

    What Is American Standard’s Air Conditioner Pricing?

    The average cost of an American Standard AC is around $5,000, but prices range from $3,500 up to $6,100 based on the model and the tonnage you choose. This price range is lower than you’ll find from many competitors, and it’s significantly less than you’d pay for some of the premium AC options, like those from Carrier, Trane, and Lennox. This is considered a budget brand and is best for homeowners looking to keep initial costs as low as possible.

    The table below provides a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for an American Standard air conditioner based on the model you select.

    Low-End ModelsMid-Range ModelsPremium Models

    If you’re using these prices to estimate your AC replacement costs, keep in mind that these don’t include the installation costs—they only include the condenser unit for your AC system. The installation price for your AC can vary quite a lot based on the HVAC contractor you hire, but the cost will usually fall between $1,000 and $3,000. You’ll also still need to consider equipment costs for the air handler and ductwork if you don’t already have those installed.

    Additionally, American Standard AC units are eligible for rebates of up to $650, which can help save on the above prices.

    American Standard Air Conditioner Models Comparison

    American Standard has just seven models of central air conditioners, and they’re separated into three categories: Silver, which includes models with single-stage compressors; Gold, which includes models with two-stage compressors; and Platinum, which includes models with variable-speed compressors. Silver is the most affordable tier, Gold is slightly more costly, and Platinum is the most expensive.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    To maximize your system’s energy efficiency—which will save you money on running costs over time—and enjoy the most precise temperature control possible for your living space, we recommend opting for the Platinum Series from American Standard.

    In the following sections, we’ll include some information about all of the AC models available from this HVAC manufacturer.

    American Standard Silver 13

    The Silver 13 is the entry-level model available from American Standard. This model uses a reciprocating compressor, which many of the ACs from this manufacturer include. This isn’t as efficient as a scroll compressor—which is partially why the SEER2 rating for the Silver 13 is 13, just above the lowest efficiency allowed by the U.S. government. This is a single-stage AC system as well—so the cost is as low as possible—although you’ll sacrifice a bit on comfort.

    • Available sizes: 1.5 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $3,500-$4,375
    • Compressor speed: Single-speed
    • Compressor type: Reciprocating compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 13.0 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: No

    American Standard Silver 14

    As an entry in the Silver Series, this model uses a single-stage compressor, which means it lacks the efficiency of multi-stage options and leads to more fluctuations in your interior temperature. This HVAC unit is more efficient than the Silver 13, in part because the larger options—2.5 to 5 tons—include a scroll compressor. Scroll compressors are more efficient and more durable, so this unit should have a slightly longer lifespan as well. American Standard notes on its website that this unit is Energy Star certified, but the SEER2 rating doesn’t qualify based on Energy Star’s required metrics.

    • Available sizes: 2 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $3,500-$4,375
    • Compressor speed: Single-speed
    • Compressor type: Reciprocating or scroll compressor, depending on tonnage
    • Efficiency rating: 14.8 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: No

    American Standard Silver 15

    The Silver 15 is the least expensive model from American Standard that qualifies for the Energy Star certification, with a 16 SEER2 rating. It accomplishes this by using only scroll compressors, which are more efficient. It also features a spine fin, which is more efficient than the plate fins that some companies use in cheaper models. This unit has a single-stage compressor, so climate control will be decent—but not great.

    • Available sizes: 1.5 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $3,500-$4,375
    • Compressor speed: Single-speed
    • Compressor type: Scroll compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 16.0 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: Yes

    American Standard Silver 15 Low Profile

    The Silver 15 Low Profile AC is similar to the standard Silver 15, but—as the name suggests—it has a smaller footprint, so it’s a good option for homeowners with minimal yard space to install an AC condenser unit. This model is slightly quieter than the standard Silver 15, coming in at between 70 and 73 decibels when running. It has the same SEER2 rating—up to 16—and uses the same single-speed scroll compressor.

    • Available sizes: 2 to 4 tons
    • Average cost: $3,500-$4,375
    • Compressor speed: Single-speed
    • Compressor type: Scroll compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 16.0 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: Yes

    American Standard Gold 16

    As the first and only entry in the company’s Gold Series, the Gold 16 is the only model from American Standard that uses a two-stage scroll compressor. Having two operating capacities —100% and 70%—improves your energy savings and provides more precise control over the temperature in your home due to fewer fluctuations from your presets. This unit has a slightly higher efficiency rating—16.2 SEER2—than the top Silver models.

    • Available sizes: 2 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $4,375-$5,250
    • Compressor speed: Two-speed
    • Compressor type: Scroll compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 16.2 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: Yes

    American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 18

    The Platinum 18 is the most affordable model of AC from American Standard that features a variable-speed compressor. This kind of compressor can run at many different capacities to provide consistent and precise cooling to maintain maximum comfort in your home. The multiple running speeds also help reduce your energy costs over time, as your system can work to maintain a temperature rather than catch up to your presets. According to the company’s product page, this compressor can maintain your desired temperature within half a degree (F).

    American Standard notes that this is the company’s quietest model, with an operating noise level as low as 55 decibels. This model also features the company’s AccuClean Air technology and humidity control, which helps scrub your air clean and further improve indoor climate as your home gets cooled. You can check out the video below for more information on the AccuClean filters and how well they function:

    • Available sizes: 2 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $5,250-$6,100
    • Compressor speed: Variable-speed
    • Compressor type: Scroll compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 18.0 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: Yes

    American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20

    The Platinum 20 is the most efficient AC from American Standard, with an impressive 21.5 SEER2 rating. This is above the industry standard and leads to the greatest energy savings, so we recommend this unit over all others from the company. It uses a variable-speed compressor and a spine coil to improve efficiency, durability, and comfort in the home. It also features the AccuClean Air technology and humidity control for better performance. This unit matches the Platinum 18 in terms of noise levels, running between 55 and 75 decibels depending on the running capacity.

    • Available sizes: 2 to 5 tons
    • Average cost: $5,250-$6,100
    • Compressor speed: Variable-speed
    • Compressor type: Scroll compressor
    • Efficiency rating: 21.5 SEER2
    • Energy Star rated: Yes

    How Does American Standard Air Conditioner Compare to Top Competitors?

    American Standard is considered a budget brand, so its prices fall a bit below the industry average—especially if you choose one of the company’s premium models. Still, the company manages to maintain impressive efficiency ratings, provide good durability, and offer warranty coverage that’s in line with the industry standard.

    The table below provides a side-by-side look at how American Standard compares to some of the top names in HVAC equipment to help you decide if this company is worth considering for your home.

    FeaturesAmerican StandardCarrierFrigidaire
    Premium Unit Cost$5,250-$6,100$12,000-$15,000$4,500-$5,600
    Low-End Unit Cost$3,500-$4,375$3,000-$8,000$2,500-$3,500
    Top Efficiency Rating21.5 SEER24.0 SEER20.0 SEER
    Additional FeaturesVariable-speed compressors, air scrubbing technology, humidity controlVariable-speed compressors, sound-dampening equipment to reduce sound levelsVariable-speed compressors (called IQ Drive), sound-dampening equipment
    Available AC TypesSplit AC system, packaged unit, ductless, heat pumpSplit AC system, packaged unit, ductless, heat pumpSplit AC system, packaged unit, ductless, heat pump

    What Are American Standard Air Conditioner’s Warranty Options?

    American Standard has good warranty coverage, and it has a history of providing resolution to warranty claims on its products. American Standard offers three types of warranties: a base limited warranty, a registered limited warranty, and an extended warranty. We’ll explain what’s included with these coverages below.

    Base limited warranty: All American Standard AC units come with this warranty coverage. It includes a five-year warranty for the compressor, the outdoor coil, and all parts, regardless of the model you purchase.

    Registered limited warranty: This warranty is available from the company if you register your product within 60 days of installation. The included coverage depends on the model you purchase:

    • Silver Series: Ten-year warranty for compressor, outdoor coil, and parts.
    • Gold Series: Twelve-year warranty for compressor, plus ten-year warranty for outdoor coil and parts.

    Platinum Series: Ten-year warranty for compressor, outdoor coil, and parts.

    Optional extended warranty: American Standard customers can also opt to purchase an optional extended warranty. The specific coverage and length of the warranty depend on your dealer and what the local HVAC contractor offers, but it typically includes warranty coverage for the labor and additional coverage for parts.

    What Are American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews From Homeowners?

    American Standard seems great when you’re just looking at the system specifications and pricing, but our goal is to provide you with actual HVAC company recommendations. To that end, we read through over 100 American Standard reviews from customers on sites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we looked at the most common company complaints and how they compare to customer reviews for other companies.

    Unfortunately, the HVAC industry as a whole is prone to negative reviews. While American Standard has mostly negative reviews, we found the same for all of its competitors—including premium options like Trane, Lennox, and Carrier. While looking at reviews and taking them at face value is important, you should also remember that most companies in the industry also receive mostly negative reviews.

    With that being said, a good portion of the reviews spoke specifically about system issues occurring within the first few years of use. American Standard is a budget-friendly AC manufacturer—so in a sense, you get what you pay for. There’s always a risk of seeing system problems and issues with components when you buy a new system, and that risk is higher with cheaper companies like American Standard.

    We did find that the company seems to have a record of providing better response rates to warranty claims from customers. There were some complaints about the warranty not covering labor for damaged parts, but the company does explicitly state that labor isn’t covered.

    All in all, American Standard appears to provide reasonable durability in its products, and a good portion of customers are pleased with the responses they get to warranty claims and system issues.

    Features To Consider for American Standard Air Conditioners

    As a budget AC company, American Standard doesn’t offer much in the way of cutting-edge features in its air conditioners. However, there are some things we recommend looking for when buying an American Standard AC. We’ll explain why we believe these are important below.

    • Compressor stages/speeds: One of the most crucial things to consider is the number of compressor stages or speeds. Single-speed compressors are the least efficient and offer the least precision when it comes to indoor temperature control. They’re also the noisiest during operation, on average—although they’re the most affordable. Two-stage compressors step up the efficiency and comfort, but variable-speed compressors offer the best efficiency and the most precise climate control.
    • Compressor type: American Standard uses two compressor types—reciprocating and scroll—both of which are called “duration compressors.” Reciprocating compressors are less efficient and less durable, so we recommend choosing a model with a scroll compressor if possible.
    • Humidity control and AccuClean Air technology: Some of American Standard’s premium models include humidity control and air scrubbing technology—called AccuClean Air technology. Humidity plays a major role in how our indoor air feels, so having control over humidity is a game changer for comfort. The air scrubbing technology is a nice touch that can provide improved indoor air quality for you and your family.
    • SEER2 rating: The SEER2 ratings from American Standard are all pretty good, but we recommend choosing a model with at least 15.2, which is what is required for Energy Star certification. Opting for an AC with higher efficiency ratings will mean greater energy savings in the long run, and it puts less strain on the environment.
    • Size and capacity: Finally, we recommend thinking about the size and capacity of the system you need for your home. Some of American Standard’s ACs are only available in 2 tons or more—or up to 4 tons—so not all models will be suitable for every home. Plus, the cooling capacity varies with the energy efficiency rating and power rating, so make sure you match your system’s cooling capacity to your specific home.

    So, Is an American Standard Air Conditioner Worth It for Your Home?

    Overall, we believe American Standard is a good option for a new AC if you’re looking to save money upfront and still get a condenser unit with a high efficiency rating. The durability of the air conditioning systems is quite good for the money, as are the efficiency and warranty coverage. The AC systems from this manufacturer don’t have the most impressive features—but as a budget-friendly brand, it’s a good, reliable option.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    We recommend choosing from the Platinum Series—either the Platinum 18 or the Platinum 20—when buying an AC from American Standard. These options come with variable-speed compressors to provide outstanding efficiency, quiet operation, and precise indoor temperature control. They also scrub your air clean and provide control over your indoor humidity, which are great features at the price point.

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    FAQs About American Standard Air Conditioners

    Is American Standard a good brand for AC units?

    Yes, American Standard AC units are considered to be reliable and provide good quality. It’s a budget-friendly brand that doesn’t compromise much on the quality of efficiency. It’s not quite as affordable as some other budget brands like Frigidaire, Rheem, Ruud, and Bryant, but it’s relatively affordable, comes with solid warranty coverage, a good expected HVAC system lifespan, and high efficiency ratings to push up long-term savings. Overall, we’d recommend it over cheaper options like Goodman and Amana.

    How long do American Standard air conditioners last?

    Most American Standard AC units will last for around 15 years. As a budget brand, the equipment isn’t likely to last the 20 years that some of the premium options will, but the quality for the money is still very good. Keep in mind that the warranty coverage for American Standard HVAC equipment lasts for ten years if you register your product, so the 15-year lifespan isn’t guaranteed.

    You can extend the lifespan of any AC by carrying out routine maintenance on your system. This will also help maintain a high level of efficiency.

    Is American Standard as good as Trane?

    Trane is considered a premium brand, and American Standard is considered a budget brand—so generally speaking, no. With that being said, Trane does license its equipment through American Standard. This doesn’t guarantee a similar quality, but it does suggest that Trane and American Standard are as similar in quality as two brands in different price brackets can be.

    Who makes American Standard air conditioners?

    American Standard is a sister company of Trane, and both companies are owned by American Standard Companies.

    Methodology: How We Ranked American Standard And Other Air Conditioner Brands

    The experts at Today’s Homeowner provide only the most transparent and accurate information for all your home improvement needs. Our reviews of HVAC companies focus on what matters most to homeowners, including efficiency, sound ratings, cost, and more.

    To gather our information, our experts review publicly available information, gather quotes, speak with HVAC contractors, and analyze consumer reviews.

    A company can score a total of 100 points across five categories. This score is then converted into a five-star scale. We studied dozens of the best air conditioner brands to develop the following rating methodology:

    • Affordability (20 points): Material and labor costs are the two most important factors in assessing affordability. However, we consider more than just these factors and evaluate how air conditioner brands accommodate a range of budgets.
    • Efficiency (25 points): An air conditioner’s efficiency directly affects your monthly energy bills. We look to see if air conditioner brands offer high-efficiency units and ensure each unit passes the minimum SEER and EER requirements for each region.
    • Sound Rating (20 points): The best air conditioners can cool your home with little to no sound. We rate air conditioner brands based on how quiet their systems are. Companies that offer air conditioners that produce fewer than 57 decibels do the best in this category.
    • Products (25 points): We evaluate the company’s brands and whether they offer multiple equipment options and high-efficiency units. Companies that offer split-system, packaged systems, ductless systems, heat pumps, portable units, and window air conditioners score the best in this category.
    • Warranty (10 points): The best air conditioner brands back up their products and services with extensive warranties. We research each company’s material and workmanship warranties and evaluate them based on comprehensiveness and length.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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