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May 9, 2023

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    Home is the one thing we all look forward to after a hectic day outdoors. The comfort we seek from our homes solely depends on the heating and air conditioning quality.

    You can buy any product from any brand in the market, but not every brand is the best. Before you start looking for air conditioners, it is good to determine the size and layout of your house and the sizing of the ductwork to get the most appropriate product for your home.

    According to a survey by consumer reports, Carrier and American Standard are among the top 5 best heating and air conditioning brands. But what are the reasons that make them top on the list, and how to determine which one is better for you?

    Learn more about two leading heating and air conditioning brands as we dig into a detailed brand comparison based on their technology, cost, and other vital features.

    American Standard Overview

    Source: arnicaheatingandair.com

    American Standard, formally known as Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, was founded by John Pierce in 1875. The company became a world-class manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

    They started producing iron cast radiators and convection heaters after their merger with the American Radiator Company in 1929. Soon their high-quality products and design took the whole heating and air conditioning industry by storm. Today, American Standard is one of the world’s leading heating and air conditioning companies.


    The company is famous for its high-quality air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. Based on their efficiency,power-saving, and cost, these products are further divided into three categories

    • Platinum series
    • Gold series
    • Silver series

    The Platinum series is famous for its energy-saving and quiet operation. In comparison, the silver series suits users with a tight budget. The gold series offers two-stage heating and a higher SEER ( Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.

    For more information about each model and how we rate them, read our American Standard air conditioner review.

    Carrier Overview

    Source: capecoralairconditioningservices.com

    The Carrier Global Corporation was developed by Willis Carrier in 1915 as an independent company. Initially, the company used to manufacture and distribute heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. They later started developing commercial refrigeration and food service equipment with constant innovation and improved design and technology.

    According to the company website, its approximate sales in 2021 were around $20.6 billion. These figures prove the company’s reliable reputation and high-quality products.


    Carrier offers a variety of products like air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air purifiers, humidifiers, and monitors, to name a few. As per professional reviews, Carrier has some of the quietest and most efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Its heat pumps and furnace also showcase innovative technology and reliability.

    Read our detailed Carrier ac unit review to find out why we chose it as the best for noise level.

    Carrier is one of the leading brands providing energy-saving and sustainable heating and air conditioning facilities to commercial buildings.

    American Standard v.s Carrier Product Sheet Comparison

    Both American Standard and Carrier have outpaced their competitors with innovative technology and design. Before you choose one of these leading brands, it’s essential to have a side-by-side comparison.

    Key FeaturesAmerican StandardCarrier
    Energy SavingMaximum SEER rating 22Maximum SEER rating 26
    Working TechnologyAccucomfort technologyGreenspeed intelligence system
    Noise LevelUp to 57 decibelsUp to 51 decibels
    Cost$5,800 – $12,500$3,000- $15,000
    Warranty10 years10 years

    American Standard Vs Carrier: Energy Saving

    SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures heating and air conditioners’ efficiency and energy-saving capabilities. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. If we compare the SEER rating of both companies, Carrier is a winner.

    Carrier’s top-of-the-line air conditioner, Infinity 26, has a SEER rating of 26, and the new Infinity 24 heat pump has a 24 cooling SEER rating.

    American Standard also manufactures energy-efficient air conditioners and heat pumps. Their recent and most advanced air conditioner AccuComfort Platinum 20, has a SEER rating of 22. It is a decent value but not as good as Carrier.

    American Standard Vs Carrier: Working Technology

    Regarding technology, both brands have an efficient system that delivers cost and energy-saving results. 

    The top-of-the-line air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps from Carrier use the Greenspeed intelligence system. It pairs with the unit’s dual-speed compressor and helps maintain the room’s appropriate temperature.

    American standard products use Accucomfort technology that maximizes efficiency, reduces energy cost, and enhances humidity control. Its technology is designed to operate continually, while its competitor’s units work in an on-and-off cycling procedure.

    American Standard Vs Carrier: Noise Levels

    Noise level is one of the critical features of choosing an air conditioner, as loud and noisy units can disturb your sleep. Managing the noise level and the air conditioners’ performance is not an easy task. An air conditioner is considered a quiet machine if its noise levels are between 50-60 decibels.

    American Standard’s most advanced air conditioning model offers a 57-decibel, and Carrier’s recent model, Infinity 26, offers a 51-decibel sound level.

    It is safe to say that both brands offer quiet and efficient units ensuring a restful sleep without any loud noise coming from the system.

    American Standard Vs Carrier: Cost

    One of the fundamental factors in comparing two brands is their pricing. 

    Consumers often compromise on the quality and opt for lower-priced heating and air conditioner. 

    The best thing about Carrier and American Standard is that they offer financing assistance and multiple options such as monthly payments, competitive interest rates, promotions, and rebates. It makes buying high-quality products much easier and more convenient than a one-time payment option.

    American Standard offers air conditioners ranging from $5,800 to $12,800. You have to pay about $3,400 -$8000 for furnaces and $5,800 -$11,600 for heat pumps.

    On the other hand, Carrier offers installed heat pumps and air conditioners for around $3,000-$15,000, depending on the specifications and features of the products.

    Their installed furnaces are more cost-effective than American Standard, ranging from $3,000 – $7,500.

    American Standard Vs Carrier: Warranty and Customer Service

    The durability and performance of your heating and air conditioning depend on environmental factors, maintenance level, and use rate. It is highly recommended to maintain the units for better functioning regularly.

    Both Carrier and American Standard offer a ten-year warranty for the compressor and parts of the units. However, customers have mixed reviews regarding the after-sale customer service of both brands. According to a few users, customer service reps mostly try to deny warranty claims. Some buyers also complain about lack of communication and delay in service.

    Final Showdown

    When it comes to comparing both brands, there is no winner. Each brand offers high-end products suitable according to your requirement and preference. However, consider the points below when selecting a brand for your home:

    American Standard is ideal for:American Standard is not ideal for:
    People living in harsh climates

    Homeowners of small homes

    Those looking for a trusted brand
    Customers on a tight budget

    Those looking for units with higher SEER ratings

    People concerned about noise levels
    Carrier is ideal for:Carrier is not ideal for:
    Customers looking for the best brand.

    Those who value a quiet system

    People who want an energy-efficient unit
    Customers on a budget

    Those seeking a comprehensive warranty

    Top-notch customer service
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