How to Prune Bushes to Look like Trees

Want your bushes to look like little trees? Checking In With Chelsea shows you how in this blog.

Does your yard have big bushes that could use some pruning?

Checking In With Chelsea suggests trimming them to look like trees.

That’s what Today’s Homeowner co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf did with her Loropetalum bush.

She liked the bush, but thought, “It could be even better by pruning the lowest little limbs to make it look more like a tree and less like a bush.

“With my pruning sheers in hand, I quickly cut the thin, leafy suckers that filled up the base of the bush.”

Check out Chelsea’s blog to learn more.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Chelsea Lipford Wolf is a born-and-raised home enthusiast, adding her crafty skills and passion for DIY as co-host of the top-rated, nationally syndicated “Today’s Homeowner” TV show.
In addition, Chelsea maintains her own home lifestyle and décor blog and award-winning web-series, “Checking in with Chelsea.”

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