How to Protect Composite Decking from Winter Damage

Inspect composite decking closely after you’ve cleared the snow.

3. Assess Any Visible Damage

Inspect your boards for damage and note any areas where you find cracks or peeling — places you can fix later with the proper supplies. Then check screws, joists and other hardware that support your deck’s structural integrity.

If you notice a flaw, don’t delay repairs. Address the damage immediately.
A small, seemingly inconsequential fissure in the material will gradually worsen over time, expanding with every freeze, until it becomes impossible to ignore and expensive to fix.

Sweep and clean your deck, and remove any patio furniture before a snowstorm arrives.

4. Be Proactive

Planning is far better than doing damage control. Before the forecast calls for a foot of snow, clean and sweep your composite deck, clear the area of branches and store your furniture.

After the storm, exercise restraint as you clear the snow, and once you’ve finished, look for flaws in the material.

Protecting your composite deck is simple with planning and foresight, so don’t wait. Prepare today!

Holly Welles is a New York blogger for The Estate Update.


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