Wondering if Trex is the right composite decking for your home? 

Trex is among the most highly recommended composite wood manufacturers today. It provides deck boards that are functional and efficient yet stylish. That being said, here’s a quick Trex review to help you assess whether it is the right composite decking for you or not. 

All About Trex

Trex, a composite decking manufacturer established way back in the year 1996, is a household name in the deck and construction industry. The leading composite wood supplier today, Trex provides cost-effective, quality, and stylish deck boards for both residential and commercial spaces. 

Trex decking comes in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles. It also guarantees several perks that deck owners will love. But the manufacturer provides more than just composite lumber; it also offers other outdoor space construction materials such as railing and lightning. 

Moreover, Trex’s deck boards come in three types: Trex Enhance, Transcend, and Select.

  • Trex Enhance. One line in Trex’s series of composite decking, Trex Enhance is an extremely light-weight deck board. Unlike its two other counterparts, it is easy to handle and carry—perfect for those who want to DIY. 

    The series is divided into two categories: Enhance Basics and Naturals. 

    Both categories have the same sizes, qualities, and features. The only difference is that Trex Naturals has a much larger collection of shades and styles than the Basics. 
  • Trex Transcend. Trex Transcend, on the other hand, is the company’s premium line of composite deck boards. These boards come in ten different colors, ranging from simple and earthy to tropical tones. It is also Trex’s “greenest” composite decking as it is made of 95% recycled wood.
  • Trex Select. Unlike the previous two, Trex Select is the simplest and most affordable composite lumber in Trex’s decking series. This line has a slightly inferior quality when compared to the first two – particularly when it comes to scratches. Trex Select’s color variations are limited as well—five shades only, to be exact.

The Pros and Cons of Trex

To further analyze Trex, let’s talk about its perks and disadvantages. 

The Benefits

  • Sturdy and long-lasting. Trex guarantees that all of its composite deck boards are durable and long-lasting. They are made of both recycled natural wood fiber and plastic film, which makes the planks termite- and insect-resistant.

    The top part and sides are also covered in PVC coating, which acts as extra protection against both the elements and insects. The polymer capping keeps the moisture off the boards, and Trex promises that this coating makes its deck boards heat and stain-resistant as well. 
  • Uses half polymer capping. Another feature that makes Trex’s deck boards interesting is their Polymer capping. Polymer capping is the method where composite lumber is covered in PVC acting as an extra layer of protection, specifically to keep moisture off of the boards. 

    But unlike other brands—Timbertech, for example—Trex’s polymer coating only covers the top part and the two sides of the board, leaving the bottom area bare.

    The manufacturers utilize this method as they believe that leaving the bottom area uncovered will help the plank drain any moisture that might get past the protective layer. Trex also claims that neither full nor half capping will completely thwart off moisture. Hence, its decision to keep the bottom part uncovered. 
  • Less maintenance. Taking care of Trex decking will not burn a hole in your pocket. The brand guarantees its deck boards are low maintenance because, unlike the traditional deck boards, its composite wood does not rot, splinter, chip, orwarp.

    Regular cleaning is optional, too. And since it claims to be durable and long-lasting, you would be less likely to encounter issues that need huge repairs. 
  • Ethically produced. Lastly, Trex’s composite decking is sustainable and ethically produced. It uses recycled materials for its production, both wood fiber and plastic film. The manufacturer was able to create a sustainable supply chain, too, which helped them to abolish the use of toxic chemical materials. 

The Disadvantages

  • Some of its composite woods easily fade. Not all of Trex’s deck boards, unfortunately, are fade resistant. Its earlier versions of composite woods are not as good as the newest generation in terms of keeping their original color. And it typically fades within 12 to 18 weeks. 

    That said, if you are living in a hot area, I suggest you check the newest lines as they have high-performing shell technology.


Depending on the size and thickness, Trex’s composite deck boards vary in price. Here’s an overview:

Trex Enhance(Naturals)
1 inch




Trex Transcend

1 inch/ 2 inch




Trex Select

1 inch/ 2 inch





If you are a DIY enthusiast, good news because Trex’s deck boards are quite easy to install. As long as you have the basic knowledge and the right equipment, you can build the home deck of your dreams. Although it is still best to let professionals take the installation process over. 

That being said, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to choose your preferred substructure. Subframes can vary from steel, aluminium, or even timbers. 

Step 2: Once you have chosen which substructure to use, start designing your preferred layout. You can try to mix and match boards or you can find sample home decks on the internet.

Step 3: Next, start cutting your boards. Deck boards come in varying sizes and some layout designs require non-standard sizes. If your chosen layout isn’t standard, then you will have to do some trimming.

Step 4: Finally, screw all boards firmly onto the subframe. 

Care and Maintenance

While Trex decking is known for being easy to maintain, regular cleaning and appropriate care can help your home deck last longer. Regular clearing isn’t too cumbersome, however, because the lumber is super easy to clean.

For instance, for dirt buildup you can simply use soap and water. You can also power wash the lumber, but make sure you are using the right amount of pressure to avoid water stains and other damages. The same goes for mold growth. You can also use a brush (with soft bristles) to scrub it.

Further, Trex products come with a lifetime warranty. The company even offers up to 25 years of heat and fades warranty to its buyers, as long as the deck boards pass the warranty conditions.


Is Trex decking a good purchase?

Trex decking is a cost-effective product that is durable, fade-resistant, and easy to clean. This product not only assures a lasting home deck but also helps customers like you to save money in the long run. 

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