Inexpensive Interior Enhancements for Your Home

Find out about four great interior improvements for your home that won’t break your budget.

Ceiling and Floor

Installing Metallaire Bead metal ceiling panels from Armstrong can really dress up a room in your home. The 2’ by 4’ panels are available in several finishes, including copper, brass and white painted.

Another way to give the inside of your home a new look is by installing a wood floor. Armstrong American Scrape™ engineered wood flooring is made from American hickory, a wood that is both beautiful and durable. It comes prefinished with Armstrong’s lifetime finish, to give both scratch and stain resistance.

Kitchen Range Hood

Adding a range hood, such as those from Broan, over the stove in your kitchen can improve the indoor air quality in your home by removing heat, moisture, and odors caused by cooking.

Broan range hoods are both quiet and energy efficient and are available in a number of styles, including freestanding over islands, cabinet mounted, and wall mounted.

Kitchen Faucet

Another way to improve the look and function of your kitchen is by installing a new kitchen faucet, such as the Opulence™ single handle pull-down faucet from Danze.

The faucet features a dual function pull-down nozzle and comes in chrome, stainless steel, antique copper, tumbled bronze, and satin black finishes.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. There are a number of very low cost ways that you can enhance the interior of your home, and it all starts with the surfaces—your walls, your ceilings, and your floors.

And look what we did to this ceiling in this dining room. It looked pretty good before; but, boy, we really raised the look and the appearance of this room considerably by installing a metal ceiling system from Armstrong. It only took just a few hours for me and a friend of mine to install this, and it really turned out nice.

This type of ceiling will work in any room in the house, just like hardwood floor we installed. Because the homeowners had ceramic in here for several years, and they were really excited when we came out to help them with the installation of the hardwood floor.

We started with a couple long runs right in the middle and allowed it to dry. Then they did a smart thing, they invited the family and friends over on the weekend to complete all of the installation of the floor, and it really turned out nice.

Now, I like this particular floor from Armstrong from their American Scrape collection. And it has a really nice distressed look to it, it’ll hold up for a long, long time.

You know one of the things when you’re doing renovations like this, you want everything to look good, but you also want everything to work good in terms of the systems you have in the house, and this is a very important system. Ventilation is so important, especially in an open floor plan like this.

Now the homeowners here installed a Broan very, very strong exhaust fan in the range hood, and it’s very quiet as well. And then they used the same type of cabinetry wood that they have underneath to wrap all around it. And it really is a nice statement and a very nice focal point right in the middle of the kitchen.

Now another thing that they did that I was pretty impressed with—they did it themselves—and that’s installing a new kitchen faucet. Amazing how much of a difference this can make. This one is from Danze, and it’s available at the Ferguson showrooms throughout the country.

I love the way just one touch allows you to change the sprays. And the thing that’s very popular these days on kitchen faucets is the retractable sprayer. And this one—a lot of those sprayers just don’t work very well in terms of retracting properly, but this one seats just like it should.

The finish and the design is real nice and sleek—easy to keep clean. And Danze is known for the quality of their faucets, so this will last a long time.


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