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Owning a business necessitates proficiency in project management. An appropriate project planner helps plan the project and guide the team in defining the scope, executing the project, and monitoring deliverables. These planners help you manage to-do lists, organize productive days, and never miss an appointment. Regarding project planners, there are a variety of designs and patterns to choose from, and the ones most suitable for your project will depend on how you plan and track it, as well as other factors. They are available in numerous patterns or segments of writing styles, but it isn’t easy to choose the right one. We reviewed and created a list of the premium project planners to help you in effectively planning your project.

Finding a Quality Project Planner: A Buyer’s Guide

An ideal project planner is a fantastic strategy to stay prepared and on track. Choosing a realistic and effective project planner involves some deliberation. They come in different designs and formats, including notebooks with a wire binding, hardbound notebooks, and notepads with varying page sizes. Various types and brands make it difficult to select a suitable product. We prepared this buying guide to ensure that the selected project planner will help you stay on top of everything.

How To Pick the Right Project Planner


An essential factor for classifying plans is how they are divided: daily, weekly, quarterly, or monthly. Planners that devote a whole page to each day are ideal for individuals with several daily chores or list-makers who have to focus on day-to-day management. The layout of a weekly planner allocates one to two pages per week, which is ideal for people juggling numerous weekly sessions, meetings, events, and due dates. A monthly or quarterly planner is ideal for those with long-term objectives and many large-scale tasks on their plate.


Planners are available in various sizes, affecting their portability and writing area. A half-letter or full-letter size planner is arguably the most effective option if portability is less of a concern or if you like roomier layouts. Generally, a personal or pocket planner is the perfect option if you’re hunting for something portable.


The availability of softcover, hardcover, and leather-bound books affects their durability. Considering how the planner’s cover affects its resistance to everyday wear and tear is essential. Likewise, it impacts the weight of the project planner. Pick a leather-bound or hardback planner if adding weight to your bag is less of a worry and will last the entire year. But, if you want something lightweight, pick a well-made softcover planner that will hold up a year.

Benefits of Using a Project Planner

Helps keep your thoughts organized

It assists in organizing your thoughts and making them apprehensible. You can record everyday activities, thoughts, and chores regarding certain events or opinions. It enables you to track and store your diary entries.

Set and achieve your goals

A project planner is an excellent place to record and manage your objectives, activities, and projects. By recording them in a planner, you can track your progress and remain inspired to reach your next goal!

Capture the ideas on the go

It allows you to capture your thoughts in a single location anytime and anywhere. When a thought hits you, you can record it in your planner for later implementation.

Help deal with distractions

Maintaining a project planner and having physical access to to-do lists, deadlines, and goals can help you avoid the distractions caused by continual connectivity and enhance your productivity. Sometimes, it can be rather tough to handle all of the day’s chores, and if you don’t put your most important tasks at the top of the list, it can severely hinder your productivity and performance.

An excellent weekly project planner will help you keep your most critical tasks visible and remind you of them so that you don’t get busy with another activity and forget about a more crucial one.

What Are the Best Project Planners?

Home To Home Publishing Project Planner

– Best Overall


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The Home To Home Publishing Project Planner is ideal for interior designers and planning room layouts. The planner features a page for each room’s layout, design plan, to-do list, quotes, items purchased, and notes. It contains everything necessary for a good start to the new year. Also, it includes a complete overview of the upcoming month, as well as a weekly summary of your calendar. It features a segment for “custom“ rooms, so if you have an atrium, a sun porch, a bonus room, a theatre room, or any other space, you may create plans for them, or you can alter plans for existing rooms if you desire. This product is the best on our list due to its attractive cover, more writing space, and durable construction, making it an excellent choice to work on your design project.


  • Features an attractive cover for each room
  • Plenty of space for noting down
  • A well-organized timeboxing system


Some may find its cover too bright

Ampad Classic Project Planner

– Easy to Use


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The Ampad Classic Project Planner features a cover with an attractive design and 84 sheets of perfectly white paper. The size and sections are ideal for writing, taking meeting notes, formulae, and ideas in a huge margin. The planner helps you keep track of everyday activities, tasks, and any notes you may require later. You can begin your day by opening the planner and easily track down former dates. There are weekly and monthly views and several dedicated pages for to-do lists, goal setting, and ideas. The pages, indeed, adhere to the ring. You can separate them by running your fingers down the ring in a gentle manner.


  • Robust binding increases its durability
  • Different organizing segments
  • Features several dedicated pages for different purposes


  • Some may find it thin

Moleskine Pro Project Planner

– High Quality


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The Moleskine Pro Project Planner features numbered pages and a table of contents to help you keep track of your notes and progress. It also has space for planning projects and trips to help you meet all of your deadlines. It includes pages for notes and separate to-do lists to help you keep track of your priorities and facilitates organizing your thoughts and ideas with its simple yet organized graphic design. You can effortlessly jot down meeting notes and keep track of action items and next steps. The notepad opens from the top, and each ivory-colored page is removable, allowing you to share or discard your thoughts as you complete each project.


  • More space to write down important notes
  • Heavyweight papers don’t turn unwantedly
  • It has a standardized size


  • Some may find pages too thin

Tops Project Planner

– Quality Paper


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The Tops Project Planner comes with a wide margin and is perfect for project reminders and notes. It has different sheet layouts that help you plan, design, and communicate, so you can keep track of your notes and tasks and keep projects moving. The front page has a large margin and a header where you can easily write the project, the date, and the page number. The reverse of the sheet contains a grid. Horizontal faintly printed lines are less distracting to the eye and make for cleaner photocopies. The heavy paper prevents ink from transferring to the next sheet, while the 60-point chipboard backing provides a sturdy writing surface.


  • Features large margins
  • Has grid ruling on back
  • Comes with different sheet layouts


  • Some may not like the faded lines

Two Tumbleweeds Project Planner

– Remarkable Features


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The Two Tumbleweeds Project Planner enables you to build an organized, well-considered strategy for bringing your ideas to life. This unique planning book uses an innovative approach to assist you in generating, tracking, and evaluating your ideas so that you can “hatch“ and implement them. The notebook contains 10 pages of rules, resources, success suggestions, and motivational quotations. Each notebook contains 16 blank dot-grid pages for brainstorming and four for listing and organizing your ideas. This part also contains five sub-sections that will assist you in developing, designing, and planning your ideas. The book has a hardcover, a ribbon bookmark, and a sewn lay-flat binding with a dot grid on blank pages.


  • Has large sections
  • Each page contains motivational quotes
  • Wide opening makes it convenient to write


  • It may split if used roughly

People Also Asked

Q: Why should I go for a project planner?

A: A project planner is a great way to keep track of and plan for multiple projects from start to finish. They help you determine the project’s scope, costs, schedules, and resources to ensure it stays on track and doesn’t go over budget.

Q: Will a project planner increase my efficiency?

A: An ideal project planner gives you all the insights so you can plan strategically and easily reach all of your goals. It helps you create a great workflow that lets you give each project the right amount of time.

Q: Does a project planner enable me to view weekly objectives collectively?

A: Yes, it helps you be aware of your weekly tasks ahead of the start of the week, and you have sufficient time to organize them optimally. It allows you to schedule your activities to complete them on time easily.

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