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Are you having trouble sleeping? Has tossing and turning become a staple of your nightly routine? Well, it may be because of your bed frame. Low-quality frames can lead to a myriad of problems, such as an unstable sleeping surface, uncomfortable slats, and bad structural support. This can result in body soreness and stiffness, poor posture, and exhaustion. It is here that a platform bed frame comes in to save the day.

This type of bed frame doesn’t require a box spring or mattress foundation. Its solid base holds your mattress up, making it super versatile, durable, and comfortable. Finding a quality platform bed frame is not exactly easy, with so many options on the online marketplace. But don’t worry; we have done your bed frame research for you. In this article, we’ve thoroughly reviewed the internet’s favorite platform bed frames. You will also find a buyer’s guide to help you select the ideal product for your needs. So, without further ado – let’s jump right onto the reviews.

Platform Bed Frames: A Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Platform Bed Frames

Interested in purchasing a platform bed frame but not completely convinced yet? Let’s talk about some of the reasons you may want to buy a platform bed frame below.

Maximized comfort

Platform beds may look low to the ground, but they don’t sacrifice in the comfort department. That’s because they provide the ideal ratio between support and cushioning. The mattress sits on top of a flat surface that is usually composed of wooden slats or a solid sheet of plywood. This surface provides just enough support for optimal comfort but also ensures that your mattress won’t sag over time due to inadequate support. With this type of bed frame, there’s no need for a box spring since its design eliminates the need for extra padding or cushioning.

Space-saving design

Since they rest directly on the floor without legs or feet, platform bed frames don’t take up much room. This makes them an ideal choice for smaller bedrooms or those with limited space. Also, some feature built-in storage compartments so you can make use of even more space in your bedroom. This makes them perfect for people who need extra storage but don’t have room for additional furniture, like dressers and nightstands. I personally would recommend a platform bed if you are turning a smaller room into a simple bedroom that saves on space.

Durability and style

Platform beds come in a variety of styles and materials, so you’re sure to find one that matches your décor perfectly. And, because they’re usually made from sturdy materials, such as wood or metal, these bed frames tend to last longer than traditional bed frames and mattresses. So not only will you sleep better at night, but you can also rest assured knowing that your investment will stand the test of time.

Modern aesthetic

Platform beds offer a modern aesthetic that will instantly update the look and feel of any bedroom. Whether you prefer sleek metal frames or rustic wood designs, there is surely an option to suit your style preferences. Since platform beds are usually lower to the ground than traditional bed frames with legs or feet, they create an open look and feel, which helps maximize the feeling of space in a smaller room.

Platform Bed Frames: Size Considerations

There are only two real scenarios when you’re in the market for a new platform bed frame. Scenario one is that you already have a mattress. In this case, simply buy a bed frame that matches your mattress’s size. Anything smaller or larger will either not fit or look out of place.

Scenario number two is that you buy the bed frame first and then think about the mattress size. In this case, you can opt for any of these bed sizes based on your needs:


Measuring 38 x 75 inches, a twin-size bed is, in most cases, the most compact frame you can find. It is tall enough to accommodate one adult and wide enough to accommodate up to two children if needed. Interestingly, these beds historically came in pairs – that’s where the “twin“ in the name comes from.


If you’re a single adult who likes sleeping with their pet, chances are a twin bed will be too small for you. So, opt for a full-size bed instead. At 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, this bed is ideal for one adult or two children.


A queen-size platform bed frame can accommodate a mattress that measures 60 x 80 inches. This is an ideal size for most couples or a single adult who moves around a lot in their sleep.


If you and your significant other want to sleep with a kid or pet, consider getting a king-size bed instead. This frame can accommodate a mattress that is 16 inches wider than a queen. King-size beds can also be used to fill out large rooms.

While king size is the largest in most platform bed frames, you can also find combo options like the Wyoming king and Alaskan king, with the latter being a whopping 108 inches in length and width. I have no idea what I’d do with all of that space!

Things To Know Before Getting a Platform Bed Frame

Design style

Bed frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you must think about what style best suits your needs. Generally speaking, platform beds tend to be quite minimalistic and sleek looking. That’s why I would purchase a platform bed frame if I wanted to achieve a more modern look.

Storage space

You should also think about whether or not the frame will have storage space underneath for holding items such as extra blankets, pillows, and even books or magazines. This is especially useful if your bedroom has limited storage space or if you simply want to declutter your bedroom and keep items out of sight. You can check whether or not a bed frame has storage space underneath (along with the size of this space) in the platform frame’s product description.

Ease of assembly

Platform beds are relatively easy to assemble since they don’t require box springs or any additional pieces. That said, some models may require more tools or time than others, so make sure that you read all assembly instructions carefully before purchasing so that you know exactly what is required for setup. You can get a good idea of how easy it is to assemble a bed frame by going through some customer reviews on its product page.

Weight capacity

If you are buying a platform bed frame for two people, you must also make sure that it can handle the combined weight of both sleepers. Be sure to check out weight specifications before purchasing any bed frames, as this will help prevent problems down the road.

Different Styles of Platform Bed Frames

Traditional platform beds

Traditional platform bed frames provide a simple yet elegant look that pairs well with any decor style. They feature a low-profile headboard and footboard that are usually made from wood or metal. These beds offer great support for mattresses without the need for box springs. Most traditional platform beds come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Upholstered platform beds

For those who prefer a softer look, upholstered platform beds are an ideal solution. They feature an upholstered headboard and footboard with wooden side rails and slats that provide extra support for the mattress. These platform bed frames come in a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste and matches your room’s decor.

Modern platform beds

Modern platform beds combine the best of both worlds – comfort and style. These sleek designs often feature geometric shapes combined with natural materials like wood or metal for a contemporary look that will elevate any space. Many modern platform beds also incorporate storage features, such as drawers or hidden compartments, to help keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free. I’d recommend a modern bed with storage space since you don’t want space to just go to waste.

Detailing the Top Platform Bed Frames

Yaheetech Bed Frame

– Best Overall


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The Yaheetech Platform Bed Frame offers all features you’re looking for in a gorgeous frame. With a beautiful square tufted fabric headboard, this frame is designed to bring timeless elegance and quality to your space. It also offers adjustable headboard heights from 44.5 up to 48.5 inches, giving you the perfect choice for tailored comfort. Even better, this low-profile bed stands firm against sagging to provide you with the best quality of sleep. Additionally, the high-resilience foam filling provides superior support for your body for an ideal sleep experience, complete with wooden slats that further amplify the frame’s strength. That sounds amazing to me. A comfortable mattress with this comfortable frame will be perfect!

The upholstered, chic look of this bed frame is ideal for people looking for comfy yet contemporary furniture pieces to upscale their bedrooms. It’s straightforward to assemble with the included instruction manual, cutting all the hassle; all you have to do after assembling this piece is place your mattress over the wooden frame, as it doesn’t require any extra components. The mix of style, ease, and user-friendliness makes this platform bed frame the best overall on our list.


  • Available in full, queen, and king sizes
  • Symmetrical, lightweight, and stylish appearance
  • Durable and easy to assemble


  • Some components might not sit properly

Zinus Bed Frame

– Classic Look


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This classic platform bed frame links with trendiness, designed with style and functionality in mind. Featuring a tufted headboard upholstered in neutral tones atop a steel frame, you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bedroom decor. And, because it consists of wooden slats and a steel frame, this pick is sure to last you a long time. For further support, the interior is foam-padded, and the robust attached slats mean you’ll never have to worry about having a box spring – they can support any latex, memory foam, or spring mattress adequately without the need for extra hardware.

Assembly is also quite easy; you simply must follow the instructions and put the pieces together (a big plus in my book). This frame comes in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and California king, with the twin size able to handle up to 350 pounds of weight while all other sizes can easily support 700 pounds. Best of all, the headboard has a timeless appearance that endures the test of time both visually and structurally, making it ideal for any bedroom.


  • Straightforward setup
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Pairs a classic look with trendy aesthetics
  • Covered with a five-year warranty


  • Base might be unstable

Mellow Bed Frame

– Slip Resistant


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Made of solid wood for superior strength and stability, this mid-century bed frame by Mellow comes in twin, twin XL, king, full, and queen sizes. Most importantly, you’re sure to enjoy peaceful slumber since this platform bed frame has a noise-free construction, so no squeaks and no clanks. It comes with non-slip tape on all of the slats to keep them secure in place, so you won’t have to worry about any slipping or sliding around during sleep either.

Any bedroom that introduces this bed frame is sure to benefit from its exceptional comfort and stylish design. And, because it’s so durable, you can have peace of mind knowing your bed frame is built to last. Plus it’s easy to assemble, with intuitive instructions included in the package and the whole process taking up about a few minutes. What’s more, there are no extra components needed, such as a box spring, for this platform bed frame because it has wooden slats.


  • Slats have velcro tape for slip resistance
  • Sleek composition and classic look
  • Padded internally to prevent noise
  • Can easily be assembled by one person


  • Not durable enough

Best Price Mattress Bed Frame

– Easiest to Assemble


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Those who value affordability, stability, and simple ease of use should highly consider investing in the Best Price Mattress Platform Bed Frame. It is a mix of durability and style that’s available in a range of sizes. It has a steel slat foundation for the mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring, can hold up to 330 pounds of weight easily, and is exceptionally sturdy. In fact, its steel build allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a bed foundation without having to spend hours assembling it.

The revolutionary Fit2Lock feature makes assembly simple, while noise-free foam padding provides extra comfort and convenience, so you can enjoy peaceful and long hours of sleep. Plus, the versatile frame includes screws that allow for an optional headboard attachment, so you can customize your platform bed for a unique look. The storage space beneath is the icing on the cake, allowing you to keep your bedroom tidy. And, for your convenience, assembly is quick and tool-free, so you can put it together whether you’re short on time or tools.


  • Vertical space underneath for storage
  • Made to last
  • Assembly takes minutes
  • Customizable headboard


  • Some parts are not built well

VECELO Bed Frame

– Practical Design


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The VECELO Platform Bed Frame is built of vigorous steel slats that can hold up to 450 pounds. It helps you keep your space organized with 12 inches of under-the-bed storage space and is practically designed to keep your mattress in place without slipping. With this mattress foundation, not only do you have the support and stability to give you a good night’s sleep, but you also get a headboard and footboard for a truly luxurious experience without all the difficult setup. To assist you in assembling the frame quickly, the box also contains a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual. It also comes with labeled parts to make the assembling process even easier to understand.

What else? With its fast snag-on lock, this bed frame has a quiet construction. Even if you are a light sleeper, you won’t be bothered by this bed because of the unique row arrangement that keeps it from creating any noise – that’s great for me since I move a lot at night. Best of all, the comfort, toughness, and convenience of this 14-piece, heavy-duty steel slat design with nine metal supports will last all night.


  • Ideal height and strong construction
  • Easy assembly with labeled parts
  • Noiseless, slip-resistant bed frame
  • Easily supports up to 450 pounds


  • Could be more durable

Amazon Basics Bed Frame

– Foldable Design


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Streamlining your bedroom setup is made easy with Amazon Basics Platform Bed Frame. Constructed of sturdy and long-lasting steel, this foldable frame allows you to effortlessly assemble it in no time with no tools required. Keep the bed assembled when you need it, and conveniently store it away once you don’t. Due to its 14 and 18-inch high designs, it’s perfect for both beginners using a platform bed for the first time as well as those who are more accustomed to the platform look and feel. Thanks to its steel construction and robust steel legs and cross beams with vertical wires, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a stable mattress foundation to last through the night.

Supporting twin through king sizes, you can enjoy a noise-free sleep with superb support guaranteed each night. Also, the elevated design provides space for under-bed storage without taking any area away from your restful nights. This modern-style bed frame is designed in a way that eliminates the need for a box spring altogether. Meanwhile, the memory foam folding mechanism makes this platform bed frame surprisingly easy to move around or store in tight spaces, which is perfect for when you need that extra bit of mobility.


  • Foldable, space-saving design
  • Easy to store and relocate
  • Stable and built to last
  • Simple to put together


  • Edges are sharp


– Great Value


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This bed frame by HAAGEEP is ideal for anyone who is looking for extra storage with convenience and style. This frame is designed to be strong and sturdy, featuring a slatted structure for peaceful rest. It’s made of heavy-duty steel, so you don’t have to worry about it being weak when it comes to supporting your mattress. Plus, it’s 14 inches tall and requires no boxspring. Assembly is a breeze since no tools are required, and not only does this bedframe look great, but it’ll stay quiet, too – no squeaks here!

As a bonus, this frame also has non-slip plugs to prevent your mattress from slipping and reduce noise, all while protecting your floors. The contemporary black metal finish adds a stylish flair that will top off any bedroom’s aesthetic. Also, there is ample under-bed storage of up to 12 inches, which can come in handy in tight rooms or if you want extra organization. In conclusion, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fashionable but detailed bed frame without having to put in all the work.


  • Excellent value for your money
  • Easy-to-comprehend instructions
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • 12 inches of under-bed storage


  • Mattress may slip a bit

People Also Asked

Q: What is a platform bed frame?

A: A platform bed frame is a kind of bed frame that does not need box springs or traditional metal spring supports. Rather, its slatted base provides sufficient backing for your mattress without needing extra components.

Q: How do I know if I need a platform bed frame?

A: If you’re looking for a more trendy style, then a platform bed frame is an ideal option. It can also be useful if you have restricted space in your room since it doesn’t demand additional components. Also, platform bed frames are manageable to move around as they don’t need to be disassembled first and can normally be carried by one person.

Q: What types of mattresses work with platform bed frames?

A: Platform beds are designed to function with most ordinary mattresses, including memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. But you must make sure that the mattress you choose is not too hefty, as this may cause the slats on the bottom of the frame to bow over time due to the weight distribution from sleeping on them night after night.

Q: Are there different sizes of platform bed frames available?

A: Yes. Platform beds come in all sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes. This means you can find one that suits your needs correctly, no matter your mattress’s size or how much space you have in your bedroom.

Q: Do I need slats or box springs for my platform bed frame?

A: Most platform beds do not need either a box spring or slats, but if you have an older model, then it may be essential to buy one or the other to provide extra support for your mattress. Also, if your mattress is unusually heavy, then purchasing a box spring or additional slats can provide stability while also extending the life of your mattress by preventing sagging over time.

Q: What materials are used to make platform beds?

A: Platform beds can be made out of wood or metal, so you can choose based on what look and feel you’re going for in your bedroom. Wood is often used because it offers a classic look, while metal frames offer a more modern aesthetic that complements other contemporary furniture pieces perfectly. Steel frames are also more durable but they might rust, unlike wooden structures.

Q: What type of head or footboards can fit a platform bed frame?

A: Most headboards or footboards will fit on any standard-size platform bed frame, but certain designs may not fit properly depending on the style and size of your particular frame. So, make sure to double-check before making your purchase. Also, there are some headboards and footboards that have been precisely designed for use with platform beds and feature cutouts so that they don’t interfere with the storage space underneath the mattress.

Q: How high off the ground will my platform bed mattress sit?

A: Platform beds typically sit 5 to 12 inches off the ground, so your mattress won’t be too high up from the floor, but will still offer enough height for easy access when getting in and out.

Q: Do I need special tools or skills to assemble my new platform bed frame?

A: No special tools or skills are required for the assembly of a platform bed frame. Just be sure to follow the instructions provided by the frame’s manufacturer carefully and ensure each piece is tightened adequately before sitting on the bed.

Q: Does my mattress need any additional support when using a platform bed frame?

A: Most mattresses should not require additional support when using this type of frame. If yours does, then consider adding supportive slats underneath. These will help evenly distribute weight across all areas of the mattress so it stays comfortable all night long.

Q: Do platform bed frames have storage?

A: Yes. Many platforms come with storage drawers created into them, which makes it easy to hold all kinds of items – such as extra blankets and pillows, or even clothes or shoes – organized and within your reach. This can really help maximize space in smaller bedrooms where closet space may be fixed.

Q: Are platform bed frames durable enough for everyday use?

A: Many models come equipped with heavy-duty steel frames that can handle large amounts of weight without sagging over time. They are perfect for both children’s rooms and adults’ bedrooms alike.

Q: How long do platform bed frames last?

A: Most quality platform beds will last up to 10 years without any major issues, which is longer than most other types of beds, like futons or waterbeds. That being said, this is also dependent on how well the bed is cared for and the materials used in its construction.

Q: Are platform beds good for my back?

A: Yes. Platform beds provide incredible support for your mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring, which often causes poor spinal alignment due to its lack of flexibility and shock absorption capabilities. Also, the slats on most platform beds provide additional cushioning and support to ensure optimal spine alignment and pressure relief during sleep.

Q: What size mattress should I get with my platform bed?

A: The size of the mattress will depend on how much space you have in your bedroom as well as personal preferences, like how much room you want between yourself and your partner while sleeping. For example, if you’re looking for a cozy fit with minimal distance between partners, then opt for a full-size mattress or even two twin mattresses pushed together. On the other hand, if you want more room, then consider going up one size such as a king or California king-sized mattress.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to using a platform bed frame?

A: The main disadvantage to using a platform bed frame is that it doesn’t provide as much cushioning as traditional frames with box springs do. This means you may find yourself waking up with aches due to the lack of cushioning from your mattress on top of the hard surface beneath it. Also, depending on the type of mattress you use on top of your platform bed frame, you may find yourself sinking into it more than usual over time due to its lack of support from below.

Q: What are the benefits of using a platform bed frame?

A: They’re easier to assemble than other types of frames and can often be put together in minutes without any tools or equipment. Also, since they don’t require box springs, they’re typically cheaper than other types of beds and can save you money in the long run. Finally, because there’s no box spring needed, there’s more space underneath for additional storage solutions like drawers or shelves.

Q: How much does a platform bed frame cost?

A: The cost of a platform bed frame varies depending on the type of material used, size, and extra features. Generally, a simple twin-sized wooden frame will range from $100 to $400 while larger sizes, such as queen or king, will go up in price.

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