Give Food Smells the Boot, and Easy Security Additions (10.27.18)

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

The smell of fresh cooking in the kitchen is always welcoming in a home. But, what if the smell overstays it’s welcome? One listener needs some ventilation advice to help get last night’s dinner to go away. Also, how to treat tile and grout damaged by standing water.

Joe celebrates one year on the show with another unique batch of Simple Solutions. Plus, our friends from the Carrier Corporation join us in the studio to talk about saving money and staying warm during the winter.

Danny upgraded his daughter Chelsea’s home with some extra security features. He explains how easy it is for you to add that extra layer of protection to your home.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford hosts the “Today’s Homeowner Radio Show” with Joe Truini.

Treating Damaged Tile & Grout

Jeff from Washington asks, “The water hose to our refrigerator came loose and leaked water for about nine days. This caused water to pool under the house and made our tile floor creak. It stained the grout and appears wet. We’ve spent three weeks drying out under the home with fans and it appears dry. The floor hasn’t recovered. We’ve considered a grout treatment, but what should be done to address the tile and grout?”

Deteriorating Basement Walls

Julie from Michigan asks, “I used dry lock paint. It has turned yellow in spots with some mold coming through. In other areas where I didn’t paint, the wall is flaking. How do I fix both these areas?”

Smells Overstaying Their Welcome

Sandy from Maine asks, “The vent over my stove does not go outside. I would like it to. Cooking smells stay inside, no matter what I do. I love the smell of steak and onions cooking, but not the next day. Is it possible to vent through the cupboard, into the garage, and up to the roof. Would an electrical contractor do this work?”

Mystery Marble Stain

Paul from Indiana asks, “My cultured marble sink is a dark color and has a large white stain in the bowl. I believe this can be sanded or polished out but need the particulars on how to do it. Can you help me?”

In-Studio Interview

Winterizing Your Home

Cold weather can take a toll on both you and your home. Carrier Corporation’s Kris Nielsen join Danny and Joe in our studio to discuss steps you can follow to prepare your home for the Fall and Winter chill.

Simple Solution

Quick Tip for Cleaning Garbage Disposers:

If your garbage disposer smells a little funky, clean and sanitize it with baking soda.

Home Safety

Protecting the Inside of your Home

Three Products are on the market right now to better protect your family from fire, trespassers, and harmful Allergens.

Keeping Your Home Protected with a Metal Roof

This year’s extreme weather has homeowners everywhere looking for ways to make their home more durable. A great place to start your search is with Metal Roof Alliance.

Products Mentioned in This Broadcast

Broan sensonic Ventilation Fan

Rockwool Comfortbatt

Carrier Cor Home Security Camera

Metal Roof Alliance


Weaber White Wash Weathered Hardwood Boards

Bar Keeper’s Friend



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