Install Applied Molding

With the cased opening complete and the chair rail is done, I can mock-up a molding panel for Andy and Leigh Dale.

While I’m cutting all the molding we’ll need, Chelsea and Leigh Dale start assembling the panels.

These molding panels add an elegant touch to the space.

Paint the Dining Room Table

The dining room table is two-toned, and we will want a solid white table to match the lighter, brighter space we’re going for.

With that in mind, Chelsea and Leigh Dale prep the dining table for paint.

The newly painted dining table features an all-white table-top that enhances the room’s visual flow.

Replace light fixture

We’re installing a new light fixture in Andy and Leigh Dale’s dining room because the old one is just too big and overwhelms the space.

Like the oversized granite bar, the chandelier is nice, but it has to go!

Special thanks to Linea Lighting for providing this beautiful fixture.

This light fixture is smaller, modern, and works better in the dining room.

Build TV Housing

With indoor improvements complete, let’s turn our attention outside — specifically, to outdoor entertainment!

Andy and Leigh Dale could use a TV cabinet outside so we’re going to build one. The horizontal piece at the bottom of each opening will be a 1-by-8. I’m using a router to soften the top edges and cutting notches on either end before fitting each board in place.

Now, the Younces can enjoy the game anytime they want to on their deck.

Once I get the other horizontal piece in place, Andy joins me to begin wrapping the vertical surfaces. We’re using 2-by-6s around the plywood to form the box of the cabinet before we hang the TV mount inside the space.

Early the next morning, we begin making the doors by layering rough-sawn fence boards in the same pattern used on the fence.

Once we put the roof together, Andy applies a coat of stain to the cabinet before we install the TV to complete the project.

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