Gardening on a Budget

Dividing plants.
Dividing and sharing plants with others is a great way to save on gardening.

Share the Love

Work together with other gardeners to share what you have:

  1. Take Cuttings: Rooting cuttings is very satisfying, and you can create new plants for no more than the cost of rooting hormone and potting soil.
  2. Divide and Conquer: Learn to divide clumping plants and grasses in order to spread them out.
  3. Ask for Sprouts: Most gardeners are thrilled to share their garden abundance. If you’re new to gardening, you may not yet understand this, but it is possible to have too many plants! Like the mountain of irises I once found piled on the roadside, one person’s overcrowding is another person’s bonanza. Don’t be afraid to ask for sprigs and plant divisions, and be sure to share yours in return.
  4. Have a Plant Swap: During the fall or spring, invite neighbors to bring plant divisions, cuttings, and seeds to share.
  5. Scavenge with Permission: Sometimes you can find lovely plants growing in the wild, such as ferns and wildflowers. But before you dig, make sure you have permission, and take only a small specimen leaving plenty to grow. Keep in mind that collecting plants without a permit is illegal in many state and national parks and forests.
  6. Join a Club: Many garden clubs host plant swaps and sales – be a part of it!


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