Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 22, 2020

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Listener Questions

Electric to Gas Light Conversion
Electric outdoor light
It can be expensive to transfer an electric light to natural gas
Jan wants to know if it’s feasible to change her electric outdoor lights into natural gas lights.   The transformation from electric to gas is doable. However, it could be costly as she would have to route the gas line and not to mention gas would be constantly flowing through the lights.
Why Your Paint May Be Cracking and How to Fix It
paint starting to crack
Cracking paint most likely is caused by poor preparation.
Michele just finished painting the entire interior of her home, only to notice the paint is beginning to crack around windows and doors. The cracking is likely occurring because the paint wasn’t properly prepped before being applied.  It’s possible Michele added a coat over paint that was still wet.   Michele should look into a product from Zinsser called Peel Stop. It’s a clear binding sealer that should seal any cracking on her walls.
Picking the Proper Grout
Fusion Pro by Custom Building Products
A great grout choice for any bathroom project is Fusion pro by Custom Building Products.
Wesley needs advice on what kind of grout to use for his bathroom remodeling project. We recommend Wesley look into Fusion Pro from Custom Building Products. Fusion Pro is stain-proof, easy to use, and never needs sealing.

7-Day De-Cluttering Challenge

organizing clothes is an important part of de-cluttering
Clean out clothes closet; donate unwanted clothing and shoes.
  • Day 1: Empty refrigerator; discard old food and condiments
  • Day 2: Clean and reorganize kitchen pantry
  • Day 3: Clear out kitchen sink cabinet
  • Day 4: Go through all bookshelves; donate unwanted books
  • Day 5: Clean out clothes closet; donate unwanted clothing and shoes
  • Day 6: Empty and clean bath vanity cabinet and medicine chest
  • Day 7: Organize one kid’s room; donate unwanted toys and books

Simple Solutions

Joe Truini reads from the tape measure Take Notes With Your Tape Measure

One of the key steps in making accurate cuts is remembering the measurement once you get to the saw to make the cut. Rather than carrying around a notepad, try this.

Repairing Split Wood Lap Siding

When wood lap siding splits or cracks along its length, here’s how to repair it. 

Best New Products

Sharkbite toilet connector and Jodi Marks The Easiest Way to Install a New Toilet Line Doing some of your own light plumbing chores can save you lots of money, but it can also be frustrating. That’s why Sharkbite developed their easy to use fittings, and the SharkBite Click Seal Toilet Connector takes them a step further. 

Products Mentioned

Sharkbite Custom Building Products Zinsser


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