Natural Gas Lanterns: Is Converting from Electric Worth It?

Electric outdoor light
It can be expensive to convert an electric light into natural gas one.
Jan wants to know if it’s feasible to convert her electric outdoor lights into natural gas lights. This would be convenient for her because natural gas already fuels her fireplace and water heater. Now, she wants exterior lanterns mounted on her garage walls to have a flickering appearance.  The transformation from electric to gas is doable. However, it could be costly as she would have to route gas lines through the wall, and those lines would have to connect with a natural gas supply.  First, Jan needs to hire a plumber to check whether gas lines are available nearby.  Also, here’s something else to consider: Would the amount of light coming from the lanterns be enough? A flickering light offers a nice ambiance, but what’s the point if you stumble over things when walking in that area?  So, it may not be worth going through this major expense if you have no other lighting in the area.  Finally, think about this: Gas would be running 24 hours to these lights, which could make this change costly.  Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the full answer! Read the blog from the Feb. 22 show and listen to the full broadcast here.   


  1. Can this gas light be turned off like an electric light? If not, it’s an energy waster..I have a neighbor with a gas light that goes 24/7 and another with flood lights that go 24/7. What a waste. We live in a very safe neighborhood. Global warming? They obviously don’t care.. People should not be encouraged to waste gas or electricity.


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