Garage Door Openers Make Life Easy

Genie garage door opener.

A garage door opener can make your life a little easier. New features available on garage door openers include:

  • DC motor to provide more opening power and quieter operation.
  • Battery backup allows you to open and close the door during a power outage.
  • Close confirm remote to let you know if the garage door didn’t close properly.

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Further Information

An opener can make life easy by operating your garage door, but it can do a whole lot more.

A screw drive opener with a DC motor delivers great strength and super quiet operation. A battery backup is a huge help during a power outage, and a close confirm remote can help you remember if you’ve closed the garage door.

For general safety test the opener’s sensors and reversing mechanism regularly as instructed in your manual, and teach children how to be safe around garage doors and openers.

These tips are brought to you by Genie, always at your command.


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