Repairing Garage Door Opener Screws

Installing self tapping sheet metal screws in a garage door opener bracket.
Installing self tapping sheet metal screws in a garage door opener bracket.

The screws connecting a garage door opener to the garage door can come loose over time, making the garage door unable to raise or lower.

To repair the problem, replace the missing screws with slightly larger diameter self tapping sheet metal screws. Install one or more extra screws using the self tapping feature on the screws and an electric drill to drill holes through the bracket and garage door frame.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

It’s not uncommon for the screws connecting the garage door opener and a garage door to come loose, rendering the opener useless. The solution is several self tapping screws that are slightly larger in diameter than the holes in the door.

The new screws will tighten up in the old holes because they are larger. And because they are self tapping, you can add one or two more in new locations to firmly secure the opener, so it works like it’s supposed to.


  1. I just bought a house with a Genie garage door opener. The opener was installed 3 inches off center from the center of door. When I opened the door a dozen times or so, this bind has caused the opener to quit working. Upon fixing the bind and examining the screw, I found that the middle section of the 3 part screw is bent, thus not allowing it to turn inside the track. Any suggestions on how to straighten this section of screw would be greatly appreciated. I checked into buying the rail and screw assembly, but as luck would have it, these are discontinued parts. Thank You in advance for any advice.

  2. If that drive can be disconnected from the motor, wrap the short end with protection adjacent to the bend. Clamp in a heavily secured vice and using the long end pull out straighten the bend. Adjust the clamped location as needed. Good luck The threads stripped in the middle of the screw on mine
    after 10 years so I replaced the complete opener.


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