Building decks with the best fire-resistant decking materials can increase the value of your home, while keeping your home safer from fires.

Want to know which materials make the best fire-resistant decks? All you need to do is read on.

Fire-resistant materials are meant to keep fires at bay. However, they aren’t exactly fire-proof, which means that they can only withstand direct flames for a time until they catch fire or start to heat up too.

If you’re planning to build or rebuild your deck, here are the best fire-resistant decking materials that you can use:

Top 3 Fire Resistant Decking Materials

1. Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) Wood

Woods are highly flammable, but they can be made fire-resistant when treated with fire retardants. Fire retardants make wooden planks and other decking materials less susceptible to catch fires. Fire retardant compounds are usually added to wood during pressure treatment.

The great thing about fire retardants is that they can be applied to a deck’s underside to protect them from windblown embers. Now, if you live in a fire accident-prone area, it’s highly advisable that you don’t store things under the deck too.

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2. Composite Boards

Fire-resistant composite boards are popular because they usually retain the look and the feel of many different types of natural wood, but with the added benefit of being water and leach-resistant. Not all composite boards are fire-resistant though, so you might want to do a bit more research if you’re inclined to use composite boards.

Fire-rated decking materials aren’t usually taken into consideration, but you will have to if you live in wildfire-prone California. If you use a lower fire-rated material for your deck, you’re going to need a higher fire-rated material for your home.

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3. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

An autoclaved aerated concrete block weighs just almost half the weight of a regular concrete block. They currently hold the industry title for one of the highest fire rating of any decking material. They are mold-resistant and provide good insulation. They are also non-combustible, meaning that they won’t emit any toxic gas in case of fires.

A regular 6-inch AAC block can withstand fire for almost 4 hours. A thinner 2-inch block can withstand fire for around 2 hours. It’s also possible to use AAC for both walls and floors.

Building a deck using a material that has a high fire rating can increase the value of your home, especially in states prone to wildfires.

And speaking of increasing the value of your home, you may want to think about green roofs too. Eco-friendly green roofs made with fire-resistant decking materials can add to your home’s aesthetic while keeping your house safer from fires as well.

A few reminders…

Fire-resistant materials may resist heat and flames for quite some time, but it would be foolish to completely trust them with your life and your family members. Using the best fire-resistant decking materials is a great start, but there are other safety precautions that you can take to further lessen the chance of your house catching fire.

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