Do It! Polish Cultured Marble Countertops

It takes just a few simple steps to polish cultured marble countertops and get them looking their best.

Before polishing cultured marble, you’ll want to clean it as well as possible.

If you have removed the existing faucets like we have, you may need to use a heavy-duty degreaser to clean those areas.

Once the surface dirt is removed, you can begin polishing. Use a soft, clean cloth to apply automotive polishing compound to the entire surface. Once the polish hazes over, you are ready to sand out any scratches.

Mist the surface with water before using one thousand grit sandpaper to wet-sand any scratched areas. Then rinse and wipe down the surface.

Finally, apply one more coat of polishing compound, let it haze and buff it off. If you have one, a motorized automotive buffer is a great option for this final buffing.

Watch the video above to see the process step by step.


  1. I live in a rental that has all-in-one counter tops and sinks. Through the years cracks have developed in the sink down by the drain. In addition past renters have damaged the counter tops with cigarette burns and gouges. I’ve tried to clean them but some of the scratches and cracks remain very dirty looking. Is there a way to bring them back to looking decent again?

  2. I have marble counter top that has turned yellow in some areas. How do i remove the stain and then do the process of buffing.

  3. Does the under side of cultured marble break down after 20 +years & start to smell? We have a 22 year old cultured marble double sink/countertop in good shape except that recently one sink has started to emit a smell inside the cabinet. All plumbing etc is in good shape. The odor seems to comes from the under side of the sink. It is not smooth & there are a few finger size holes in the marble in which there is a greasy goo. Ever heard of this material emitting odor as it ages, or having this residue on the under side of sink?

  4. I can’t quite tell if this video applies to shiny (polished) cultured marble. My girlfriend cleaned my new marble with gritty cleaner and now it’s covered in micro scratches. Hoping to restore the original shiny surface…


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