QUIKRETE Countertop Mix

Concrete countertop with fruit on it.

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QUIKRETE® Countertop Mix is designed specifically for casting concrete countertops and requires only a do-it-yourself attitude and the addition of water.

Countertop Mix is a flowable, high-strength concrete designed for cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete countertops in the kitchen and bath. The concrete mix contains special additives to provide a high strength, flowable mix. In addition, the formulation has been designed to minimize the need for mechanical vibration and possesses reduced-shrinkage properties.

Bag of QUIKRETE® Countertop MixConcrete countertops made with QUIKRETE® Countertop Mix can be customized to individual specifications with a variety of decorative QUIKRETE® Stucco & Mortar Colors and QUIKRETE® Liquid Cement Colors, which combined result in 25 base coloring options. Some color options include red, brown, buff, charcoal and terra cotta. To add a splash of creativity, simply add your color of choice directly to the mixing water and follow the remaining directions on the bottle.

QUIKRETE® Countertop Mix, sold in 80 lb. bags, reaches a compressive strength of 2,500 psi in 3 days, 3,500 psi in 7 days and exceeds 5,000 psi in 28 days. Each 80 lb. bag of Countertop Mix will yield approximately 0.6 cu feet of mixed concrete.

QUIKRETE® Countertop Mix is currently available for purchase throughout the United States.


    • Quikrete Countertop Mix comes is available in standard gray (-80) and as a light colored tint-base (-81) for use with QUIKRETE Liquid Colors.

  1. I just bought some at Lowes and the price was great at only 18.99. I have a very small countertops I want to do. Is there any online instructions on exactly how to do this? I love the look and really want this for my kitchen

  2. Where the heck can you get the countertop mix in Chattanooga? I’ve only seen it near Huntsville and who goes there?

    Delivery is definitely not an option either.


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