Countertops that are crafted from materials featuring natural veining have always been popular. However, in recent years, the preference was towards solid or light-flecked colors. In 2019, highly-veined and more decorative countertop trends are resurging.

When selecting countertops, homeowners and designers are drawn to those veined patterns that stand out and grab attention, The ideal pattern combines natural shades that mimic stone, such as white, gray, tan and black, and feature a boldly veined pattern. Subtle looks are being passed over for colors and patterns with a real “wow” factor. 

Veined Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

One of the best features of quartz countertops is the craftmanship. While marble or granite will vary – sometimes tremendously – from one slab to the next, quartz can be quality controlled so you know exactly what you’re getting. This can save you from the disappointment of thinking you’re getting a dynamic piece of stone, only to discover that the color and pattern are much more subtle than anticipated.

If you’re wondering just how interesting the veining on a quartz countertop could look, check out these 7 design ideas, and get inspired on how to include them in your own project. 

1. Dark Looks

Quartz Vein Countertop

Dark-colored quartz with a honed finish is one of the more popular styles right now. Add in some rich white veining, and you’ve got a winning combination. This black quartz counter features an all-over white vein that helps soften the look and ties it in to the lighter accents in the room. 

2. Dramatic Veining

Quartz Vein Countertop

White kitchens have nearly universal appeal as well as enduring style. Spice up yours with a white quartz countertop that has  a more varied and dramatic vein. The veins in this countertop are long and dark, which makes them really pop against the white background and cabinets. 

3. Fluid Movement


Veins that have a lot of movement and fluidity to them can also bring a dramatic aesthetic to a kitchen design. This kitchen features the quartz not only on the countertops, but also on the backsplash. The contrasting veins against the neutral background really catch the eye. 

4. Tight Vein Patterns

Quartz Vein Countertop

A dark veined quartz with a tighter pattern to it can also be a good choice. The veining in this countertop is dark enough to stand out, but has a tighter pattern. This creates a more subtle look that still has plenty of depth and interest to it. 

5. Rich Swirls

Quartz Vein Countertop

Against a light gray background, the many darker gray veins on this quartz countertop are a lot more subtle. The movement and heaviness of the veins coordinate with the darker backsplash and faucet in the room, providing some cohesiveness to the design. 

6. Thin and Few

Quartz Vein Countertop

To make the veining pattern in your quartz countertop really stand out, choose a pattern that has fewer veins in a bold contrasting color. In this case, the bright white countertop has only sporadic long veining in a darker hue. This makes for a more contemporary look with movement and interest. 

7. Soft and Subtle

Quartz Vein Countertop

Shades of taupe and tan are also popular for countertops right now. Combined with a soft white vein that keeps the countertop from becoming flat, this color provides a very quiet backdrop to the rest of the design. The white vein helps pick up the color from the vessel sinks, tying them together. 

Keep up with the Trends

Trends are designed to last 10 or more years. That means that a lot of the trends emerging in 2019 will see you through the next decade. Update your countertops with a richly veined quartz countertop to see what this style can bring to your home.

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