Colorful Ideas for Fall Flower Containers

Pansy flowers blooming

Idea #2: Choose Cool Weather Flowers

Pansies, violas, and snapdragons are favorite annuals for the fall garden; and hardier varieties might even hang on through the winter and get a second wind in early spring. They’re often mixed with shorter-blooming perennials such as chrysanthemums, asters, heather, and anemones. When choosing flowers for containers, look for ones that are hardy to a planting zone or two colder than yours, since the soil in containers is colder than ground soil.


  1. Thank you for fall ideas. I love container gardening especially this time of year, trying to keep that summer color going year round. I live in a very rural area with acres of foliage around me, so whatever isn’t growing in my garden I usually find in the woods to decorate my landscape. I generally use all natural foliage every time I decorate in and outdoors whether its a front door decoration or a small container indoors. Again thank you for some ideas on container decorating, I look forward to your next newsletter. I wish I had discovered your site earlier. And just a suggestion I really liked your cover photo of container decorating but had to guess what flowers they were, listing them would have been made it easy to figure out what they were.

  2. Love the idea of fall flowers; so colorful. I libve in the south so the weather does not change to dramatic here, do you have any suggestions for Florida Fall gardens?


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